7 Beauty Products That Are *Here* for Your Vagina

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You cater to your face with, say, a 10-step skin-care routine and apply face masks on the reg, wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoos, and dry brush your body from head to toe. So why aren't those same TLC practices being extended to your most delicate lady parts as well?

The vagina is an uber-sensitive area that does a lot for you, and even though people are divided on how much cleaning the vagina actually needs, I think everyone can agree that it's a good thing to keep things fresh and healthy. As people embrace the full-on bush and eradicate the taboo surrounding all kinds of vag talk, more and more brands have been concocting products specifically formulated for your special region. Here are the ones to know about now.

Keep reading to explore the newest frontier of beauty: for your vagina.

Photo: Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot Buff & Brighten Exfoliating Pads, $25

You've already been told that those so-called vagina pimples—which are actually ingrown hairs—can come from something as seemingly innocuous as waxing or shaving. An easy way to keep them at bay is by swiping over the bikini area with these glycolic acid and papaya enzyme-soaked sheets post shower.

Photo: Janna

Janna Intimate Mask, $6

So you wanna try a new sheet mask? This one for your nether-regions is apparently supposed to help balance the pH of skin. You apply it to your underwear like you would a panty liner, then chill out for 60 minutes and remove. It's spiked with rose water and infused with aloe to soothe skin.

vagina beauty products
Photo: The Perfect V

The Perfect V Gentle Exfoliator, $34

Another exfoliator to help prevent bikini-line bumps: This specifically-formulated product gently exfoliates the skin with AHAs, along with jojoba oil and elderflower to keep things calm and smooth.

vagina beauty products
Photo: Queen V

Queen V The Spritzer, $8

Sometimes, ya just need a quick refresher on your nether regions—just as you do with your face (hello, hydrosols). Whether you're just out of spin class or about to go on a date, this rosewater spray—which is pH-balanced and deodorizing—offers a quick boost, providing a fresh scent and is hydrating as well. The good news is that it's highly portable, so you can just throw it into your bag for whenever the time strikes.

vagina beauty products
Photo: Chillhouse

Unbound Oh! To Go Bag, $34

This travel-friendly bag includes toys and sex essentials, like on-the-go wipes (which are biodegradable and sandalwood-scented), a pocket-sized vibrator, stimulation serum, and clitoral gel. Consider it your lady part's fave pouch.

vagina beauty products
Photo: Love Wellness

Love Wellness Do It All Wipes, $10

If you have to skimp on that post-gym shower, there are plenty of cleansing essentials that can get you freshened up on-the-go. As for your vagina? Lo Bosworth's wellness line, Love Wellness, offers an ob-gyn-approved, pH-balancing wipe that gives you that clean feeling all in one sheet. It's infused with aloe vera, soothing chamomile, and coconut oil—which is a natural anti-bacterial.

vagina beauty products
Photo: Lovability Inc.

Lovability Inc. Hallelubeyah, $12

You may think of lube as solely for sex, but this fully organic and natural, aloe vera-based topical helps soothes irritation and eases tampon insertion. Bonus points for the fact that it's run by badass women who give back to Planned Parenthood with every purchase.

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