This New Conditioning Spray Helped Me Achieve My Frizz-Free Summer Hair Goals, and Left My Fine Hair Smooth, Full, and Damage-Free

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While I thoroughly embrace the warmth of the summer season, the balmy East Coast climate I live in leaves me wishing for less humid conditions–at least, for the sake of my hair. As a result of the swampy air, these months are fraught with oft-futile attempts to smooth and de-frizz my fine, color-damaged strands. Most smoothing products tend to make my hair lose volume or look greasy, so it's a constant battle of sacrifice between flat or frizzy on any given day.

In my search for products to improve my hair's health, one shampoo and conditioner that has made a big difference is Vegamour's Hydr-8 line. If you're unfamiliar with the brand, Vegamour started as a small eco-conscious, science-backed line in 2016, and has become a fan-favorite for its hormone-free hair growth products. The brand's nature-based approach resonates with consumers seeking effective hair loss treatments without side effects, and the before and after photos are seriously impressive.

Over the last seven years, Vegamour has moved beyond its (literal) roots in hair growth and created additional products for common hair conditions. The Hydr-8 line was developed specifically for dry or damaged hair, and has helped to seal my split ends while making my fine hair look full. When I found out the brand was launching a new Hydr-8 product–a leave-in conditioner to protect and tame hair throughout the day—I was immediately curious if it would replace my post-shower hair treatments the way the other Hydr-8 products have replaced the rest of my routine.

Spoiler: It did.

The benefits of Vegamour Hydr-8 Leave-In Conditioner

The new Hydr-8 leave-in conditioner claims multiple benefits: heat protection, frizz-fighting, and hydration while leaving a "glass-like" shine. It also contains Karmatin, Vegamour's signature vegan keratin alternative.

Karmatin has a smaller molecule than animal-derived keratin (a common ingredient in other strand-smoothing treatments), meaning it can sink into tiny bits of damaged hair without needing to be rinsed out. Because it stays in the strands, it can nourish them over time to repair breakage and deliver fuller hair.

"It's a perfect product for your hair, especially after a harsh winter, going into the summer, with the water and sun damage," senior stylist Vincent Minchelli of David Mallett told me when I asked if this product would work on my fine, color-treated strands. "It's easy to use and weightless–perfect for thinner hair, great for cuticles and UV protection."

What happened when I tried Vegamour Hydr-8 Leave-In Conditioner

Given my success with the rest of Vegamour's Hydr-8 products, I had high expectations for the leave-in conditioner. It comes in a (chic!) spray bottle for easy application and has a very light botanical scent.

After drying my hair, I spritzed the product throughout my midsection and ends. As I lightly blow-dried, I noticed my brush slid through my hair without catching, and each section gave a little bounce when released from the brush.

When I was done, my hair had volume and shine without frizz; I was so pleased with the dare-I-say-sultry results. Even later in the evening, while taking a waterfront stroll (with the accompanying humidity), my hair stayed bouncy and sleek—all the way down to its typically-dry ends.

This magic potion now replaces my heat protectant and styling cream, but also works great when I want to air dry. I’ll bring it aI'll on an upcoming trip to Arizona, where the dry climate leaves hair parched (and because I never want to be without it). It’s quickly beIt's a holy-grail product, with increasing benefits the longer I use it. Finally, a good hair summer!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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