Nicole Kidman’s Favorite Hair Care Brand Just Launched a Line That’s a Thirst Quenching ‘Energy Drink’ for Your Hair

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If colder temps, heat-styling (or a fun combination of the two) have left your hair feeling thirstier than ever, you might want to take some hair advice from Nicole Kidman. The award-winning actress isn’t shy about her love of Vegamour, the plant-based hair-care brand that's made her hair “noticeably less frizzy”—touting the brand’s growth-boosting Gro Serum ($58) as a hair-care holy grail (one bottle is sold every 22 seconds, BTW).

And we’re huge fans, too. Vegamour’s stimulating scalp massager is a shower time staple, and its strand-strengthening biotin gummies have shown impressive results. But it’s the latest Vegamour launch that really has us following Kidman’s lead. Meet Hydr-8, the three-step system designed to give dry, damaged, and dehydrated hair (of all types and textures) a new lease on life, while reducing frizz and boosting hydration for up to *72 hours*. TLDR; It’s the energy/hydration boost that dry, heat-damaged hair has been waiting on.

The Vegamour Hydr-8 system includes three products: the Hydrate and Repair Shampoo ($38), the Hydrate and Repair Conditioner ($38) and the Deep Moisture Repair Mask ($52). When used together, the trio promises to address nearly every single one of our hair concerns. It deeply hydrates dry hair, strengthens and repairs strands to protect from environmental aggressors (i.e. the unrelenting cold), combats breakage, fights frizz and boosts shine—all while supporting healthier hair growth. How? The secret is called Karmatin, a vegan silk keratin and silicone alternative that helps repair and protect damaged hair, minimize frizz, and restore its silky softness and shine. Sounds promising, right? Read on for the full Hydr-8 breakdown.

The Vegamour Hydr-8 System

vegamour hydr-8 shampoo on a white background
Hydr-8 Hydrate and Repair Shampoo — $38.00

Your days of sacrificing hydration for a deep, ultra-satisfying clean are over. The Hydr-8 Hydrate and Repair Shampoo effectively rids your hair and scalp of product build-up, without stripping it of moisture. Aloe vera moisturizes and conditions, magnolia-bark extract soothes your scalp, while Karmatin—the collection’s key ingredient—works to undo damage by strengthening and forming a protective barrier around each strand to lock in moisture without rinsing away. And the craziest part is, based on Vegamour’s controlled hair swatch study, strands were 2.5 times stronger, and 8 times more hydrated after just one use.

vegamour hydr-8 conditioner tube on a white background
Hydr-8 Hydrate and Repair Conditioner — $38.00

A super hydrating conditioner that doesn’t weigh hair down? Sign. Us. Up. The Hydr-8 Hydrate and Repair Conditioner delivers 8 times more hydration after just one use (!!). The lightweight formula is jam packed with hydrating ingredients—marula and moringa seed oils nourish and soften dry, damaged hair, and murumuru seed butter locks in hydration so hair feels soft and moisturized for up to 72 hours after washing. And instead of using silicone to get that coveted silky soft feel, the Hydr-8 Conditioner uses Karmatin to combat frizz, strengthen fragile strands, and diminish the look of damage.

vegamour hydr-8 hair mask on a white background
Hydr-8 Deep Moisture Repair Mask — $52.00

The Vegamour Deep Moisture Repair Mask is a saving grace for thirsty hair. The powerful weekly treatment is formulated with milk thistle—an antioxidant rich plant ingredient that moisturizes and strengthens strands—along with silky moringa and marula seed oils, and Karmatin (the collection’s signature keratin and silicone alternative) to instantly improve the look of dry hair and combat breakage. What’s more, according to a clinical hair swatch study, the hair mask left hair 15 times more hydrated and three times stronger after only a single use.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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