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Shoppers Are Impressed By How This Serum Gave Them Fuller Brows and Longer Lashes in Weeks—And It’s On Sale This Weekend

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If you’ve ever struggled to regrow your brows after an unfortunate over-plucking incident (been there), or have tried every lash growth hack in the book (also been there)—then today is your lucky day. Vegamour, the plant-based hair-care brand famed for its best-selling hair growth serum (that Nicole Kidman swears by, BTW) and new, uber-hydrating hair-care line, is hosting a *huge sale* on its clinically proven lash and brow serums starting today through February 13.

When you shop the Vegamour lash and brow sale, you can buy one of the brand's GRO Lash and Brow Kits (which includes a full-sized brow and lash serum) during the sale, you’ll get another kit free—with free shipping to boot. Trust that once you start noticing the difference in the length, density, and fullness of your lashes and brows (and you will see a difference, according to reviews), you’ll be thrilled you scored a second tube for free. What’s more, all of Vegamour’s lash and brow products will be 20-percent off when you enter the code LB20' at checkout—so everybody saves!

Save big on fuller looking lashes and brows during the Vegamour sale

vegamour GRO Lash and Brow Serum Kit
Vegamour, BOGO GRO Lash and Brow Kit — $91.00

Buy one, get one free

The GRO Lash and Brow Kit includes Vegamour’s original lash product (previously known as VegaLash), the GRO Lash Serum, and the matching Brow Serum. Both proven, customer-beloved formulas use vegan, plant-based ingredients to support longer, fuller, healthier looking lashes and brows.

In addition to a growth-boosting peptide and nourishing glycerin, the GRO serums use mung bean (a natural source of hair-healthy vitamins like zinc and biotin) and red clover extract to strengthen and prevent lash shedding. And the best part is, they actually work (according to clinical trials and reviewers). Just swipe the Lash Serum along your lash line with the brush tipped applicator, and use the doe foot wand on the Brow Serum to target sparse areas on your brows. Vegamour says you can expect to see results in as soon as 4-8 weeks.

“After 5 weeks of using it every morning my lashes have filled back in and even gotten longer,” gushed one Vegamour customer about the GRO Lash Serum. “I’ve gotten comments from friends and family who can definitely see the difference. I can’t recommend this enough!”

vegamour gro+ advanced lash and brow serum on a beige background
Vegamour, GRO+ Advanced Lash and Brow Kit — $109.00

Buy one, get one free

Think of the GRO+ Advanced Lash Serum as the extra-strength version of the original GRO formulas. It’s formulated with the same, powerful, and effective cast of characters—with the addition of micro-encapsulated, broad-spectrum CBD. Known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, the CBD in the formula helps calm skin and boost absorption of the GRO+ Advanced ingredients at the same time—for even more impressive results. Based on a 6-week consumer study, a whopping 94-percent of participants reported that their eyelashes appeared more dense and voluminous after using the GRO+ Advanced formula. Not too shabby!

“In college, I over plucked my eyebrows…I would spend 15+ minutes daily trying to perfect filling them in,” shared one Vegamour shopper in a 5-star review. “I have tried many serums and oils to help my eyebrow hair grow back and none seemed to work. I have been using the GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum for 3 months now, and I have never been more content with how my eyebrows are growing in!”

Another says, “My lashes responded to this product in just a matter of weeks. I’m pleased with the growth and density it gave my eyelashes for sure.”

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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