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10 Super Easy Vegan Recipes to Try Using Your Air Fryer

Emily Laurence

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If you own an air fryer—the kitchen tool of the moment that everyone from your neighbor to mother-in-law can’t stop talking about—and have spent any time Googling recipes, you know that the majority of them fall into two categories: healthier chips and crispy chicken.

While it certainly does work its magic to amp up these two food categories, for a vegan eater looking to use the air fryer to make a plant-forward meal, the recipes take a bit more digging to find. And chances are, you don’t really have time to do a deep dive—which is partially why you invested in an air fryer in the first place.

Here, the hard work is all done for you. (Except for, you know, the cooking part.) Below are 10 air fryer-based recipes that are 100-percent vegan—and 100-percent easy.

Scroll down for 10 vegan air fryer recipes.

air fryer vegan tacos
Photo: Sweet Peas and Saffron

1. Cauliflower chickpea tacos

All vegans have experienced a well-meaning friend cocking an eyebrow and asking, “But, do you get enough protein?” Spoiler alert: Chicken isn’t the only way to ensure your taco dinner helps you reach your daily needs. In this recipes, chickpeas are the protein source, and is paired with cauliflower for fiber (this is the part where the air fryer comes in handy) and avocado for some good healthy fats. Balanced and delicious.

air fryer green beans
Photo: Vegetarian Mamma

2. Green beans

It’s easy to get into the same routine of using rice as a base for tofu-based meals. For a low-carb twist, try green beans, made perfectly crispy in the air fryer. Besides the veggie, all you need is literally half a teaspoon of oil and the cooking tool takes care of the rest.

air fryer buddha bowl
Photo: The Foodie Eats

3. Tofu Buddha bowl

Without an air fryer, it’s a bit tricky to get tofu perfectly crisp, but the kitchen tool makes it so much easier. It’s the starring ingredient in this meal. If you want to amp up the protein, use quinoa or brown rice instead of white rice.

vegan air fryer baked potato
Photo: Salt Pepper Skillet

4. Baked potatoes

Baked potatoes taste delicious no matter what, but when you use your air fryer to make them, they come out light, airy, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. To keep it vegan, top it off with olive oil instead of butter, salt, and pepper.

air fryer fried green tomatoes
Photo: Cadry’s Kitchen

5. Fried green tomatoes

If you order fried green tomatoes from your favorite Southern restaurant, they aren’t exactly going to be good for you. (Yes, despite being veggie-based.) But reimagined in the air fryer, there’s nothing unhealthy about the comfort food classic.

air fryer buffalo cauliflower
Photo: Spa Bettie

6. Buffalo cauliflower 

Buffalo chicken is a popular air fryer-based dish, but using cauliflower ups the fiber while still satisfying that craving. (Because, let’s be honest, it’s all in the sauce.) Show up to game day with these babies and you’re sure to head home with an empty plate.

air fryer cauliflower steak
Photo: Living Vegan

7. Turmeric cauliflower steaks

Another way to use your air fryer to make a cauliflower-based dish is by giving it an anti-inflammatory twist—using turmeric, of course. Look how gorg these cauli-steaks turn out. This is dinner party *gold.*

air fryer vegan omelettes
Photo: Vegan Dollhouse


8. Vegan omelettes

Because they’re so nutrient-rich, traditional omelettes make a great go-to dinner as well as breakfast—and this vegan makeover made using the air fryer is no different. Made with tofu, chickpea flour, and an array of spices, it’s just as good for you and delish.

vegan air frier falafel
Photo: Nutrition Refined

9. Crispy falafel

This Middle Eastern staple is full of flavor and protein, making them a great post-workout lunch or dunner. The key to getting the consistency just right is soaking the dried chickpeas before putting them in the food processor and air fryer. Don’t forget the spices, too!

air fryer lentil balls
Photo: Vegan Yack Attack

10. Barbecue lentil meatballs

Clearly the air fryer is a clutch tool for making crispy protein balls of all sorts, and this is another one to add to your arsenal. Using vegetable broth as a base will ensure the flavor comes through in every bite.

For more vegan recipes, here are some to make using your Instant Pot and ones that are ready in less than 10 minutes.

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