6 Vegan Charcuterie Boards Sure to Impress at Your Next Party

Photo: Stocksy/Sophia Hsin
If you head to the snack table the second you get to a party, you're not alone. I mean, who doesn't prefer a plateful of food over awkward convos? While bowls of tortilla chips are great, you know you've hit the jackpot when you spot a charcuterie board. And spoiler alert: The vegan versions are just as great as the originals.

Unlike a crudités platter, which is primarily raw veggies and dip, a charcuterie board is a collection of prepared meats and fancy cheeses. (Not the most vegan-friendly appetizer in the world.) But by swapping in some tasty plant-based meats and dairy-free cheeses, then rounding everything out with an assortment of veggies, fruit, crackers, and delicious dips, you'll have a combo that will be a hit at any party. Let these vegan charcuterie boards inspire you to create your own.

These bloggers have the prettiest vegan charcuterie boards around

Photo: Emilie Eats

1. Emilie Eats

There's no real meat needed when you have thinly-sliced vegan ham and veggie sausages.

Photo: Fit Living Eats

2. Fit Living Eats

The nutrient-rich crackers on this board are made from nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Photo: Well Vegan

3. Well Vegan

Instead of making meat the center of this board, it's all about the vegan smoked paprika basil goat cheese.

Photo: Make Mary

4. Make Mary

The secret to making an Insta-worthy board? Super-colorful veggies.

Photo: Jillian Harris

5. Jillian Harris

Alongside olives, nuts, and a pretty pink beet dip is vegan sausage and veggie roast beef, as well as vegan nut-based cheese.

Photo: The Plant Philosophy

6. The Plant Philosophy

The stars of this board are the lemon cranberry cashew cheese ball and red pepper and quinoa dip.

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