10 Vegan Slow Cooker Recipes That Will Save You From Spending Your Summer Days In the Kitchen

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If you own a slow cooker (often referred to as the brand name 'Crockpot') or an Instant Pot, chances are you fire that baby up on a regular basis in the fall and winter months. Then, spring comes and it gets packed away, right next to that never-used pasta maker.

But there's a very good case for keeping your slow cooker out on the kitchen counter throughout the warmer months. First, unlike the oven or stovetop, it cooks nourishing meals without heating up your whole kitchen. And second, you don't have to hang around babysitting it while it works. Summer days are way too precious for that.

If you're looking to expand your recipe repertoire past your usual go-tos, you'll definitely get inspired by the vegan crockpot recipes rounded up here. Even if you aren't a vegan eater, trying them out is a way to up your plant intake, which means you're bound to get lots of gut-healthy fiber and lower your carbon footprint. Keep reading for delicious, fuss-free vegan dinner ideas.

10 vegan crockpot recipes you can set and forget until dinner time

vegan crockpot recipes
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1. Vegan chili

Black beans provide so much protein and fiber that there's really no need to add meat to chili, unless it's for taste. This recipe uses lots of summer produce too, including tomatoes and bell peppers.

Get the recipe: vegan chili

crockpot quinoa
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2. Quinoa and vegetables

This is another recipe that makes delicious use out of summer produce—specifically red peppers, green beans, and carrots. While quinoa does contain protein, up it even more by adding tofu or chickpeas to the slow cooker to cook with the other ingredients.

Get the recipe: quinoa and vegetables

summer chili
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3. Summer chili

In the milder months, pumpkin and butternut squash are front and center in many meals, but right now summer squash and zucchini are both in season and they're just as scrumptious. If you have tomatoes and corn on hand, add them to your summer chili, too. Just don't forget the chickpeas—they're key for giving this dish its heart-healthy protein.

Get the recipe: summer chili 

Watch the video below to learn about the health benefits of chickpeas:

summer vegetable soup
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lemon basil ratatouille
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5. Lemon basil ratatouille

Another recipe that uses summer squash, this ratatouille is bursting with flavor thanks to the combination of lemon and basil. If you're sick of salad but still want to keep your veggie intake up, this recipe just might become your new go-to.

Get the recipe: lemon basil ratatouille 

vegan lentil coconut curry
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6. Lentil coconut curry

This is a great curry to make if you're sensitive to spice—the coconut milk gives it a more mild flavor profile. Its subtle sweetness also balances out the turmeric, cumin, curry powder, and garam masala in the dish perfectly. All together, this dish will hit all your taste points.

Get the recipe: lentil coconut curry 

vegan crockpot recipes
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7. Crockpot vegan barbecue

Plant-based burger patties are cool and all, but if you're looking for a barbecue recipe that has the texture of pulled meat, this one definitely delivers. Seitan is used as the "meat" and of course, the sauce is just as important. The perfect mixture of tangy and sweet, don't expect any leftovers.

Get the recipe: crockpot vegan barbecue 

black-eyed peas
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8. Veggie-loaded black-eyed peas

If you're from the south, you know that black-eyed peas absolutely aren't just reserved for New Year's. Here, they're cooked with a wide variety of summer veggies along with liquid smoke and tabasco for a hint of delicious heat.

Get the recipe: veggie-loaded black-eyed peas 

stuffed peppers
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9. Vegan stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers are often made with a meat-filling, but this recipe gives the dish a vegan twist by using black beans instead. This easy swap brings even more fiber to the meal than the OG version while still delivering on the protein front.

Get the recipe: vegan stuffed peppers

vegan crockpot recipes leek soup
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10. Potato and leek soup

Leeks have a buttery texture that lends itself perfectly to soups, as this recipe here shows. Paired with onion and potatoes, it's hearty enough to be satiating but the coconut milk base keeps it from feeling too heavy.

Get the recipe: potato and leek soup

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