Three Words That’ll Make Your Day: Veganized Crunchwrap Supreme

Back in my days of rolling up to the drive-thru without giving the potential health consequences a second thought, the chewy, gooey Crunchwrap Supreme—a truly iconic Taco Bell staple—never failed to hit the spot. Years of health writing later, looking at the ingredients list truly makes me cringe: That crispy shell filled with ingredients like sodium-packed seasoned beef and cholesterol-loaded nacho cheese isn't exactly the most heart-friendly combo. But what if I told you there was a way to have your fast food and feel good about it, too?

Lindsay Ostrom, the food blogger behind Pinch of Yum, created a totally vegan version of the meal that's loaded with fresh, wholesome ingredients. And the best part? Creating it at home is pretty fuss-free. "I had some mega requirements for this recipe before I started. It needed to be reasonably fast, have easy-to-access ingredients, and [be] customizable to whatever protein, sauce, and vegetables I had on hand. And above all else, super ridiculously delicious," Ostrom writes in the recipe. Well, check, check, check, and check.

In only 30 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes of cooking, you'll have a veganized Crunchwrap Supreme that includes sofritas tofu, tangy marinated cabbage, black beans, plenty of veggies (both fresh and roasted), and—arguably the best part—an extra-creamy cashew queso to tie it all together. Now, obviously this isn't an everyday staple, but it's certainly more nutritious than the OG version that's packed with 25 mg of cholesterol.

After taking a big bite into the neatly wrapped tortilla pocket, you'll never feel the need to order it up anywhere else ever again.

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