This Delectable 3-Ingredient Vegan Fudge Is Surprisingly Low in Sugar

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It's a classic dilemma faced by many of us with a sweet tooth: The desire for dessert strikes (whether that's cookies, brownies, or halvah), but you have empty cupboards and a total lack of the mental bandwidth required to follow a recipe. If that situation is all too familiar, we have a solution for you in the form of this easy, three-ingredient vegan fudge recipe from nutritionist, chef, and nutrition coach Mia Rigden in the latest episode of Alt-Baking Bootcamp.

"Today we're making maybe the easiest recipe we've ever done on Alt-Baking Bootcamp," Rigden says. "This fudge only has three ingredients—semi-sweet chocolate chips, full-fat coconut milk, and vanilla extract." Sign me up.

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  • Mia Rigden, chef, nutritionist, and the founder of RASA, a company specializing in individualized nutrition programs

Traditional fudge, Rigden goes on to explain, is usually made with butter, cow's milk, and added sugar, but her recipe omits all three in favor of alt-milk and the sugar already present in the chocolate chunks. "So this recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, nut-free, and vegan—we're hitting all the boxes here today," says Rigden. But what it lacks in ingredients, it more than makes up for in the flavor department. Trust.

It's also super easy to make, requiring just two steps and then some time in the freezer. And remarkably, the result is just as creamy as regular fudge, says Rigden. "I like how frozen it is—it almost gives me chocolate ice cream vibes," she adds.

Press play to get the full rundown on this recipe, and to watch Rigden become a cautionary tale for those who brave chocolate work without an apron.

Easy 3-ingredient vegan fudge

10-ounce bag semi-sweet chocolate chips (choose vegan if plant-based)
13.5 ounce can of unsweetened coconut milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Line an 8-inch baking dish with aluminum foil and set aside.
2. Add the chocolate chips, coconut milk, and vanilla extract to a medium saucepan and heat over medium. Stir continuously until the chocolate has melted.
3. Pour the mixture into the baking dish and place in the freezer to set for at least two hours. 

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