All the Vegan Meat Options You Need for Your Next Cookout

Photo: Instagram/@beyondmeat
One of the most nostalgic and universal symbols of summer is the sight of the grill, the smell of the smoke, and the heat from the fire. Although leading a plant-based lifestyle or giving up meat altogether used to make for some pretty bland barbecues, technology and innovation has gifted with us an array of meat-like options that some would argue is actually better than the "real" thing.

For your next cookout or barbecue (or whatever excuse you come up with to be outside basking in the sun), these are the meaty vegetarian options to get on the grill. Pair with frozen fruit popsicles and refreshing cocktails for the full al fresco summer experience.

Pair your yummy vegan meat with one of these healthy sides and a round of these grapefruit margaritas

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