Sorry, Cauliflower: Brussels Sprouts Are the Star in These Vegan Buffalo Wings

Photo: Rabbit and Wolves
When you're making vegan wings, there's probably only one veggie you reach for: cauliflower. The vitamin-loaded pick makes for the perfect meat-free alternative, but there's a green goodie trying to steal the spotlight—and it'll quickly become part of your comfort food lineup, too.

Lauren Hartmann, the chef behind the vegan food blog Rabbit and Wolves, recently posted a recipe for buffalo wings—only this time it's all about Brussels sprouts. The cozy fall and winter staple might not be quite as versatile or beloved as cauliflower (considering it can transform into everything from pizza to rice, not much is!), but one thing's for sure: When you coat and toss 'em in the right sauce, no one's going to say no to taking a big bite. Especially when vegan blue cheese is also involved.

So how do you take Brussels sprouts from veggie to melt-in-your-mouth wing status? It's actually super easy. According to the recipe, after coating them in a mixture that will make them nice and crispy—including almond milk, breadcrumbs, flour, and apple cider vinegar—you'll bake them in the oven for 20 minutes. And after slathering on the five-ingredient garlicky buffalo sauce, you'll have a fiery dish that provides all the cold-weather comfort. "These Brussels sprouts might not taste like chicken wings—they're better," Hartmann writes. Don't mind me—I'll just be stocking up on wing material and eating them for the rest of the week.

Another veggie that's a master of disguise? Delicata squash, which you can make delicious doughnuts out of. Or, check out these 15 tasty vegan zucchini recipes for everything from pancakes to pasta.

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