Make a Creamy Vegan Sour Cream Alternative in Seconds, No Blender Needed

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Tangy Greek yogurt is a common healthy (and protein-rich!) replacement for sour cream. But what's a gal to do if she doesn't eat dairy? According to one blogger, a great vegan option is made with a coconut-derived alternative—and it contains plenty of healthy fat to boot.

Ellie Bullen—the plant-powered blogger behind Elsa's Wholesome Life—has a go-to dairy-free sour cream she uses on tacos, and it only requires four ingredients (that you likely already have) and a few seconds to make. In an Instagram post, she says to simply mix a heaping 3/4 cup of unsweetened, unflavored coconut yogurt with the juice from one lime, a pinch of salt, and one Tbsp of vitamin-packed nutritional yeast. After you stir it, you're good to go—no blender (or mess) involved.

⋆ VEGAN KITCHEN HACK ⋆ Want a quick & easy vegan sour cream for your mexi nights? (No high powered blender needed!) Grab 200g of unsweetened + unflavoured coconut yoghurt (or other non-dairy yoghurt), stir through the juice of a lime, a good pinch of salt & tbsp of nutritional yeast ? Also great for people with nut allergies or intolerances! TAG someone in the comments who might find this handy! ⋆ You guys loved my kitchen saving hack for coconut milk I shared on my story yesterday so I’ll share it here in case you missed it: Buy a can of organic coconut cream, shake can well, pour into a jar/milk bottle, and fill with 4 cans of filtered water (1 part coconut cream 4 parts water). Lasts approx 1 week in the fridge, shake before pouring. ⋆ AND to save on waste, if you won’t use it all up in time, pour your coconut milk into ice cube trays to add to your smoothies! ??? #vegan #kitchenhacks

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Furthermore, your fancy faux sour cream is good for way more purposes than just a vegan-friendly Taco Tuesday accoutrement. It's also a perfect topping for a better-for-you loaded fries appetizer, a lighter macaroni salad for your summer picnics, and loaded baked sweet potatoes. So basically, when life gives you coconuts, go nuts and (sour) cream 'em for every healthy gathering you host.

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