7 Simple Dinner Formulas to Make Vegetarian Eating Anything but Boring

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After going vegetarian, it can tricky knowing what to eat, especially if you're used to basing your meals around meat. When it's gone, you're left wondering what you should put on your plate instead. That's why as you're getting the hang of things, it's always a good idea to have some go-to formulas up your sleeve come dinnertime.

In a recent Reddit thread, users shared some of their favorite cheap, quick, and healthy dinner options. Because as magical as a bowl of rice and beans is, it's really nice to be able to switch things up. The next time you head into the kitchen, try out one of these formulas—and the perfect recipes to get you started for each.

7 easy vegetarian recipe ideas to shake up your routine

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1. Veggies + brown rice noodles + tofu + sauce

You can never go wrong with a stir-fry. Especially one that involves rice noodles, tofu, and plenty of veggies slathered in a savory sauce.

Recipe to try: Back pocket stir-fry with noodles

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2. Tortilla + hummus + fresh veggies

There's no easier meal than slathering a tortilla with hummus, piling on fresh veggies, then rolling it up into a wrap.

Recipe to try: Hummus veggie wrap

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3. Baked tofu + Brussels sprouts

This quick and easy meal simply requires baking tofu and Brussels sprouts on a sheet pan in the oven. No mess required.

Recipe to try: Sheet pan garlic tofu and Brussels sprouts

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4. Sweet potato + black beans + brown rice + yogurt

Bake a sweet potato in the oven, cut it open, and top it with black beans, brown rice, and a dollop of yogurt for sour cream, whether that's a non-dairy option or Greek yogurt.

Recipe to try: Black bean stuffed sweet potatoes

Photo: Flora & Vino

5. Oatmeal + zucchini + tomatoes + nutritional yeast

Why just eat oatmeal for breakfast? It's a great savory option when you add in some herbs, veggies, and nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor.

Recipe to try: Savory zucchini oats

Photo: Namaste and Chow

6. TVP + taco seasoning + tortillas + veggies

If you haven't tried TVP—textured vegetable protein—yet, it makes for the perfect crumbly beef substitute in tacos. Stir in some taco seasoning, then pile on the veggies, lettuce, and salsa.

Recipe to try: Spicy TVP tacos

Photo: Pasta-Based

7. Bell peppers + quinoa + marinara sauce

Stuffed bell peppers are always a win. For a flavorful filling, simply use a combo of brown rice, diced onion, and tomato paste. You can also add some cheese on top for a melty finish, whether that's a non-dairy option or ricotta.

Recipe to try: Vegan stuffed peppers

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