8 Recipes for Vegetarian Tagine, the Ultimate Hearty, Warming Winter Meal

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In the summer months, it's easy enough to throw a bunch of veggies into a bowl, add some protein and you're ready to eat. But once the temps start dropping, cravings for foods that are heartier than your standard summery salad really start to kick in. That's where tagine comes in. It's the same idea of throwing some veggies and protein together, but it's served hot and made with an array of spices that will warm you up from the inside out.

A classic spiced stew that hails from Morocco, tagine is typically made in a specific type of clay pot (also called a tagine) that has a wide bottom and a narrow cone-shaped lid. (You can buy a beautiful Staub tagine pot for $150, or a less-expensive Sur La Table brand version for $50.) But if you don't have one, rest assured you can still make the flavorful, nourishing stew using a Dutch oven or big pot with a lid. And while many tagine recipes out there rely on meat as the protein source, rest assured that there are lots of delicious vegetarian options out there for plant-based eaters.

Keep reading for delicious vegetarian tagine recipes that will keep you warm and cozy this winter. Be sure to stock up on your pantry spices (especially cinnamon, ground ginger, and turmeric)—this dish is anything but bland.

Scroll down for 8 vegetarian tagine recipes.

mediterranean tagine
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1. Moroccan sweet potato tagine

To recreate the heartiness of traditional lamb or chicken, you need a good carby root veg or another robust plant-based protein; this recipe utilizes both russet potatoes and sweet potatoes. Just as important as the root veggies are the spices: harissa (a North African chili paste), ground coriander, cinnamon, and turmeric are all blended into the sauce.

Get the recipe: Moroccan sweet potato tagine

vegetarian tagine recipes
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2. Butternut squash tagine with almond and chickpea couscous

Another root vegetable that tastes amazing in tagine is butternut squash, which is in season right now. There's also eggplant in this dish, which also makes it nice and hearty. The final product is served over a protein-rich almond and chickpea couscous spiced with harissa.

Get the recipe: Butternut squash tagine with almond and chickpea couscous

vegan tagine
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3. Butternut squash and kale tagine 

If you want to add greens to your vegetarian tagine, it's best to choose one with a firm texture, like collard greens or kale—the latter of which is used in this recipe. That way, it won't fall apart while it's cooking with the other ingredients. Also featured in this dish are butternut squash, chickpeas, and of course, lots of spice. Serve with rice or couscous.

Get the recipe: Butternut squash and kale tagine

vegetarian tagine recipes
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4. Chickpea and zucchini tagine

Want to use the zucchini in your crisper for something other than zucchini noodles? Throw 'em in your tagine! This one is made with apricot and cinnamon, which bring an unexpected layer of sweetness. And the whole dish is ready in under 30 minutes, too.

Get the recipe: Chickpea and zucchini tagine

mixed vegetable tagine
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5. Mixed vegetable tagine

If you've never made tagine before, this is a great recipe to start with. All the ingredients are easily accessible year-round and can be found at virtually any grocery store. It's also easy to build off of, so feel free to add more vegetables or a plant-based protein of your choice, too.

Get the recipe: Mixed vegetable tagine

vegetable and cashew tagine
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6. Chickpea and cashew vegetable tagine

As you can tell by now, chickpeas are a go-to protein in vegetarian tagine recipes, but this recipe uses another high-protein source: cashews. It also has another wildcard ingredient: ras el-hanout, a North African spice mix made with cinnamon, coriander seeds, black pepper, and ground ginger.

Get the recipe: Chickpea and cashew vegetable tagine

cauliflower tagine
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7. Chickpea and cauliflower tagine

Because cauliflower has such a mild taste, adding it to your tagine is an easy way to up the fiber and add texture at the same time. It's absolutely mouthwatering when cooked in all of the flavorful spices. This recipe has a few other ingredients that set it apart too, like green olives, green beans, and baby peppers.

Get the recipe: Chickpea and cauliflower tagine

rosemary tagine
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8. Vegetable tagine with apricots and rosemary 

Besides adding woodsy aromatic flavor, there's another reason to include rosemary in your tagine: it's linked to improving brain health. This recipe shows just how to incorporate it into the dish.

Get the recipe: Vegetable tagine with apricots and rosemary

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