The ‘Nespresso of Blenders’ Makes Smoothies in 30 Seconds… and There’s Zero Cleanup

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There's a reason why plenty of people will happily (or, okay, begrudgingly) pay $9 for someone to make them a smoothie: Between figuring out a combo that both tastes good and is balanced enough to keep you full, getting everything out of the fridge, doing the actual blending (annoying everyone else you live with in the process), and then doing the dishes, it's quite the ordeal.

If you're looking for a kitchen appliance that does the majority of that legwork for you, the Vejo blender ($190 for a starter kit, which includes the blender and 30 blends) may be it. This is no ordinary blender. In fact, it's more similar to a Nespresso or Keurig than a Vitamix. Just like those coffee machines, the Vejo comes with little pods (which are encased in biodegradable packaging). In the pods are smoothie blends (there are coffee and tea options as well) that are doctor- and nutritionist-approved. You simply add water to the Vejo, insert a pod, secure the cap, and in mere seconds, the blend is ready to drink. Oh, and here's something else about it that's different from the average blender: it's portable and looks like a take-anywhere water bottle.

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  • Christoph Bertsch, Christoph Bertsch is the CEO of Vejo, a company with portable blenders that use biodegradable pods.

Vejo CEO Christoph Bertsch says careful thought went into the blends just as much as the blender itself. "For several years, we've operated specialized nutrition clinics in both the U.S. and Germany where we have measured over 150 unique biomarkers to determine the effect of personalized nutrition on people's health," he says. The brand did this by collecting blood samples from a wide range of people: athletes, busy professionals, parents, students, and more. This data, he says, provided them with valuable information on what foods were most effective at providing nutrients to people with certain biomarkers—and that info was used when creating the blends.

While you might come for the easy breakfast solution, we're almost positive you'll stay for the functional blends that are meant to up your protein intake and aid with things like mood, sleep, and recovery. For example, the sleep blend contains dark tart cherry, which is scientifically linked to helping the body relax.

Bertsch says sustainability also plays an important role in figuring out what the brand will do next. His goal is for Vejo to be a zero-waste company. "As a company we are constantly taking steps to improve our impact on the planet," he says. Besides using "ugly" produce, the fruits and veggies in the blends contain the entire product, including the skin and seeds. "Our products are freeze-dried on-site, reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible," he adds (because the water, which is heavy, is stripped away). The brand's biggest change toward sustainability is happening next month with the release of new water-soluble pods. "These new pods will dissolve in one dishwasher cycle and have zero impact on the environment," Bertsch says.

As far as smoothies are concerned, the Vejo blender really does have all the bases covered. Chances are, you'll be popping a pod in beyond just mealtime. That matcha latte blend does look good....

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