Venus in Gemini Invites Us to Reconsider What ‘Connection’ Means in This Quickly Changing World

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On Monday, March 30, Mars, the planet of action, swiftly moves out of Capricorn, a sign he's been in since February 16, and into Aquarius, where he'll stay until May 13. Mars in Capricorn connected with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter over the last six weeks, which set off a stellium in the sign that rules government—and this happened in alongside the COVID-19 pandemic crisis mounting on the global scale. But this week, Mars' transition from Earth sign Capricorn into air sign Aquarius brings a significant shift to the dynamics at play.

The first dynamic is Saturn, which also just moved into Aquarius, so as Mars transitions, he does so with a conjunction to the planet of discipline. This Mars and Saturn conjunction perfects at 2:31 p.m., EST, on Tuesday, March 31. Mars ignites Saturn's new marching orders as he settles into the future-oriented, humanitarian-driven sign of the water-bearer.

Next comes the waxing quarter moon on Wednesday, April 1. This halfway mark between the new moon and the full moon asks us to pause and evaluate how things are unfolding in our lives. Usually a waxing quarter moon lobs a curveball in life—an unexpected occurrence that beckons us to see something in our blindspot that's holding us back from obtaining a desired outcome or goal. So take time on Wednesday and notice what's unfolding in your life.

With Saturn and Mars conjoined at the earliest degrees of Aquarius at the time of this waxing quarter moon, we are all being asked to observe what our Saturn in Aquarius lessons are. To review, Saturn typically spends roughly 2.5 years in a sign. Saturn will travel in Aquarius until July 1, 2020, and then retrograde back to Capricorn, before entirely moving into Aquarius for good on December 17, 2020. Right now, we are getting the "preview" of our Saturn in Aquarius lesson, so it's super-important to pay attention to the dynamics unfolding in your life, as they will provide you clues on what's to come in the future.

Since Gemini rules communication, short-distance travel, and networking, we can expect Venus in Gemini to help us re-create our sense of connection with one another.

Speaking of the future, on Friday, April 2, Venus exits Taurus, before heading into Gemini. Venus, who rules love and beauty, will spend an exceptionally long period in Gemini, due to her upcoming retrograde cycle. (Yes, Venus will go retrograde from on May 13 and turn direct on June 25.) Venus won't leave Gemini until August 7, 2020. Since Gemini rules communication, short-distance travel, and networking, we can expect the goddess of love and her tour in the sign of the twins to help us re-create our sense of connection with one another.

With networking events, concerts, sporting events, and all travel currently canceled, not to mention a whole lot more remote working happening than normal, our sense of community is undergoing a sincere transformation in response to this pandemic. With Venus in Gemini, we can expect to see our values as they relate to connection with others shift even more. Maybe this means becoming friendlier with neighbors and working productively in our local community. Perhaps it means getting more involved in politics. It could also mean revamping your inner circle, too, transforming toxic dynamics with others.

On this same day that Venus shifts from Taurus to Gemini, Gemini's ruling planet, Mercury, conjoins Neptune. Mercury conjunct Neptune opens up the psychic channels, helping you to access your intuition in ways previously hard to reach. Take a moment and tune in: What's your intuition guiding you to know? Not sure? Try free-writing and see what comes up, go for a walk, and see if you get any messages. Listening to music proves fruitful now, too, so turn up the tunes and dance.

On April 4, Venus in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius. So much of 2020 up until now has been defined by heavy Earth and water transits, so this air trine truly signifies a change.

Come Saturday, April 4, we have another set of game-changing transits: Venus in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius; this air trine activates a higher mind, amplifying creative thinking in a way previously inaccessible. So much of 2020 up until now has been defined by heavy Earth and water transits, so this air trine truly signifies a change.

Furthermore, Jupiter and Pluto have their first of three conjunctions in Capricorn. Jupiter, the planet of growth and optimism conjoining with Pluto, who represents power, offers a potent combination, so use it to your advantage and settle into your desires. We'll experience this combination two more times this year—once on June 30 and again on November 12—but tap into this cosmic potency now. Ask yourself what feels urgent and necessary in your life for you to create because raw desire fuels all manifestations. Knowing that answer and setting a firm intention to accomplish it grants you agency at a time when things feel dark and hard.

As the whole world navigates this intense crucible of a pandemic together, dysfunctional patterns from our past may present themselves. ⁠Crucibles act like a pressure cooker, alchemizing significant interior changes. While it begs the question of whether it's possible to stay positive amid such deep pain and hardship, I encourage you to conjure the intensity needed to be brave. The opportunity here? Old patterns have the chance to undergo metamorphosis. As the cosmic winds begin to shift directions in dramatic ways this week, consider how you want to cooperate with your transformation productively.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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