Venus Williams Says That *This* Is the One Eyeliner That Doesn’t Budge on the Court

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If you've ever sat down to watch superstar athlete Venus Williams on the tennis court, you know she always brings her A-game. Whether she's fueling up for her next match with a super green smoothie (she's partial to the pina colada-inspired blend of pineapple, coconut oil, kale or spinach, almond milk, and a touch of vanilla flavoring), or swinging her way to victory, the tennis star has a habit of giving things her all.

She applies the same winning ethos to her beauty routine, which, she tells me, is all about creating a protective layer around her skin that guards it from the extensive hours she spends volleying beneath the sun's rays. And since dry eyes are pretty much the bane of an all-star tennis champ's existence, keeping a bottle of Systane eye drops handy is a must as well. Below, she shares the *exact* lineup of pre-match products.

Keep reading for Venus Williams' on court (and on point) beauty essentials.

ZO Skin Health C-Bright Serum 10% Vitamin C

"I use this on my face, but you can use it on your body too. It guards against free radicals so it’s for anti-aging and prevention," Williams says. "I get so much sun that I’m frightened I’m going to turn into a raisin one day."

A body brush

"I love to scrub my body so I like any body brush or face brush," Williams says. 

Milani Stay Put Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

"I like this waterproof eyeliner by Milani because it’s amazing and it doesn’t smudge on the court," the tennis all-star tells me. 

Castor Oil

"I’ve been using castor oil a lot," Williams says. "It keeps my hair moisturized, and it helps to prevent split ends."



"I’m definitely into prevention, so I keep I like to keep it simple," she says regarding her minimalist routine. If you're interested in using a retinol, make sure to add it to your p.m. regimen because it increases skin sensitivity. Then, wash your face each morning and slater on a daily SPF to stay extra protected.

If you—like Williams—dig a good retinol, here are some stellar options. Plus, how to use your pick to get the glowiest skin ever.

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