11 Pieces of Halloween-Inspired Activewear You’ll Wear All Year Long

Photo: Asos

Since Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, you probably already celebrated the spooky holiday over the weekend with some activewear-turned-Sporty Spice costume-clad shenanigans. But the day of astrological proximity to "the other side" only happens once a year, and there's no reason not to go gung ho on the actual day. There are some activewear pieces that whisper rather than scream Halloween (hello, fill-in-the-blank Star Wars character).

And although these pieces will seem especially appropriate for a post-work haunted-house excursion, they won't seem inappropriate for SoulCycle the other 364, non-spooky days of the year.

Check out the spooky activewear items.

And if you're having people over on All Hallow's Eve, here is a healthy-ish cocktail you can whip up, and some healthy party snacks.

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