I Normally Can’t Stand Body Lotion in the Summer—But This Derm-Beloved 2-in-1 Formula (With SPF!) Made Me a Believer

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I don’t mess around when it comes to sunscreen. After all, it’s one of the most important things you can do to ensure your skin stays youthful and healthy for years to come. Applying body lotion is another one of those skin-care steps that feel basic—maybe even a little boring—but is integral to maintaining soft, supple skin. I’m usually pretty good about applying body lotion post-shower, but during the warmer months, I often skip it because of how unappealing the feeling of slimy moisturizer underneath greasy sunscreen is. This is where Versed’s Total Package ($20) comes in.

Why I like Versed Total Package

Before I tried a sample of the formula about a month ago, New York was just starting to heat up and I had only recently swapped out my winter sweaters for my shorts and tank tops. It was early May, so slathering my skin in sunscreen was not top of mind. But, as time went on and I started noticing my skin become red after long walks and errands, I figured it was high time I start applying sunscreen.

Now, for context, in summer’s past, I often skipped body lotion in favor of a greasy sunscreen (I hate the slimy feeling you get when you cocktail ‘em together). But, according to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Associate Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, it’s just as important to moisturize in the summer as it is in the colder months. “UV light exposure can damage the skin barrier, leading to dryness and irritation,” he explains. “Total Package is great because it’s a moisturizer that contains SPF (and actually feels like a moisturizer), instead of a sunscreen that treats moisturizing as an afterthought.”

It’s a lightweight hydrator

I had high expectations going into it, but I can honestly say I was surprised by how much I loved Total Package from the moment I tried it out. As a moisturizer, it’s great. It has an incredibly lightweight consistency that’s actually easy to rub all over your body. Plus, thanks to cupuaçu butter (which is twice as hydrating than shea butter) and grapeseed oil, the formula leaves my skin feeling smooth without being greasy or slimy. This product saves me so much time (less time spent slathering products all over my body is a total win in my book), money, and the annoyance of feeling slippery all day long. It’s a phenomenal SPF.

As far as an SPF goes, Total Package ticks off a lot of boxes for me. Allow me to explain: When using a body lotion that contains SPF (like this one) as your actual sunscreen, dermatologists often recommend a few prerequisites to ensure you’re getting the most out of it—namely the amount of SPF and the type.

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You’re going to want to keep an eye on the number noted beside the SPF, as dermatologists often recommend using formulas that offer at least SPF 30 sun protection. As for the type, there are two completely different options: mineral (aka physical) and chemical. But the one you choose is entirely up to you and your personal preference.

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Zeichner explains that mineral sunscreen (which can be found in Total Package) contains broad-spectrum mineral ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which create a physical barrier that blocks UV light. Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, use active ingredients like avobenzone, octinoxate, and oxybenzone, which absorb into the skin and then absorb UV rays, converting them into heat, and releasing them from the body. Pro tip: Mineral sunscreens are typically recommended for sensitive skin, as it doesn’t stimulate a chemical reaction in the way chemical sunscreens do.

Because I have sensitive skin that tends to react to chemical sunscreen, I personally opt for mineral formulations, so the fact that Total Package is a mineral formula ticked off box number one for me. My second box: No white cast. Mineral formulas often leave behind a white cast, but Total Package didn’t have that effect on me. Admittedly, I have a light skin tone, but any semblance of a white cast disappeared as I rubbed the formula into my skin. About a minute after application, my skin felt soft and supple (thanks to the hydrating ingredients) and looked like my normal skin, just more hydrated and protected.

What makes it so unique—and a staple in my routine

This body-lotion-slash-SPF combines all of my body care steps into one—saving me time, money, and the greasy, slimy feeling I despise in the summer. Total Package helps me stick to my regimen and makes me feel confident about exposing my arms and legs without fear of getting burnt, looking too oily, or, conversely, looking too dry. Since switching to this hybrid formula, I’ve noticed my skin feels smoother and hasn’t gotten sunburnt while I’m out and about. All a big win in my book.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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