This Vibrating Feather Sex Toy Will Tickle Every Part of You With Pleasure

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One of the softest ways, literally speaking, to introduce kink and sensation play into your relationship is with a feather. It opens sexual exploration opportunities and surfaces questions, like, "Is this teasing technique going to get me truly erotically charged?" and "How many ostriches have to be plucked for my pleasure?" Well, rest assured that the plusOne Vibrating Feather Tickler ($30) delivers an electrified, electronic version of feather play...with no birds harmed in the process.

The Vibrating Feather Tickler is a brand-new baby pink stimulator made from 100 percent body-safe silicone. It features a rigid stem and a pliable feathery tip with a pointed (but not pointy) end that's able to bend to your every whim. It has five settings and is completely waterproof (important for making bath time extra fun). Most uniquely, it’s a sex toy that isn’t genital-focused, so to speak; while you can certainly use the Vibrating Feather Ticker that way, it’s really perfect for giving your other erogenous zones some TLC.

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By delaying the instant gratification of going straight to your genital region, you might have a more fireworks-worthy sexual experience. The toy allows you to take your time moving through the sexual response cycle, which can lead to easier penetration, heightened orgasms, and just a lovelier experience overall. And that applies whether you use the Feather Tickler as a couple's play thing, as a warm-up tool during solo sex, or in any other iteration.

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"Stimulating erogenous zones other than the genitals while solo can mean that all acts following can be more enjoyable," says sexologist Sadie Allison, PhD, sexologist and co-founder of GoLove CBD lubricant. "If you're aiming for penetration with fingers or with a toy, you'll be more lubricated and typically more comfortable if you're able to arouse yourself through stimulating other areas first. This is also a wonderful way to get to know your body and understand where you like to be touched, so that if you are with a partner, you're able to ask more easily for what you want."

What the vibrating feather tickler feels like in action

Even though the Vibrating Feather Tickler is super-gentle, it doesn't lack a potent buzz. I've found that its feathery touch can provide for an almost giddy sensation when it comes to clitoral stimulation. "Tickler" really is such an accurate name.

What I found really special about this toy, though, is its thin design that gets into under-appreciated creases of the body. There's something to be said for stimulation that traces, for example, the line where your thigh and your pelvic V meet. It can also delicately circle underneath your breasts, or even between them. And if you've never paid attention to how sensitive your ears are, uh, go out and find out immediately. The Feather Tickler is a perfect way to find those sweet spots and more. In fact, Dr. Allison points out the crease of your arm as a hidden erogenous zone, and when I put her tip to the test, I experienced pleasure giggles galore. 

All of this being true, I do need to mention that I did not reach orgasm from using this device. That's not because it's impossible, though. Rather, I kept choosing to delay it because the toy offers such a soft touch, and I wanted to finish off with something stronger. And to be clear, I consider this to be a pro, not a con of the toy. I have so many vibrators that can give me an easy orgasm; what I don't have are enough toys that tease, excite, delight, and attend to all the parts of me that don't get enough attention.

Ultimately, the Vibrating Feather Tickler is a perfect addition to your sex life if you want to add some play with a capital P to your sex play. It's an un-intimidating when it comes to introducing a sex toy into your relationship, and if you're looking to explore some new depths of pleasure on your own, the Vibrating Feather Tickler will get you there...and have you giggling all the way.

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