8 Affordable Vibrators for Beginners That’ll Make You Feel Touched (Just Right) for the Very First Time

They say you never forget your first, well, anything, and in my book, that definitely includes vibrators. When I was 17, I won a Babeland silver bullet at a concert. As far as vibrators for beginners go, it was serviceable, but the best was yet to come for me to experience in the gloriously wide world of sex toys: rechargeable vibes, buzzy statement jewelry, erotic robotics, and the list goes on. In fact, there are so many options available that had I not won my first vibrator, selecting it for myself for sure would have been overwhelming. If that's the situation you find yourself in, fear not: I'm here with expert advice to help you parse a curated selection of vibrators for beginners.

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  • Carly S, body-positive sex educator and founder of Dildo or Dildon’t

But how to make your selection even from that whittled-down list? "The first thing I'd take into consideration is how you touch yourself when you play with yourself," says Carly S, sex educator and founder of Dildo or Dildont. "That can help you narrow down what kind of toy you might enjoy the most. If you're not sure or just looking to explore, I like to recommend vibes that can be used in a few different ways."

And since sex toys can be a major investment in your orgasm, knowing what you like, sexually, is a key prerequisite in picking out your vibator. With that in mind, all selections here are under $65, so you can try, try again if you don't fall in love with your first choice. So, below, find eight vibrators for beginners that are wallet-friendly and pleasure-happy.

8 vibrators for beginners to rev up a pleasure routine.

1. Romp Jazz, $40

"The Romp Jazz is a good vibrator because it can be used internally for G spot or P spot [since] it's also anal safe," says S. "It can also just be used externally on nipples, clits, and so on." And because this rabbit-style vibrator boasts two heads, it can help you experience a perfectly blended orgasm.

Shop Now: Romp Jazz, $40

2. Charmed Massage Wand, $65

Warning: Charmed Wand is not known for its subtlety. It can give intense, rumbly vibrations that'll push—not coax—out an orgasm in five minutes or less. This wand is a stellar option for those who have trouble reaching climax (or simply want to get there quickly). I still recommend doing a bit of personal mood-setting prep before giving it a wave (a CBD serum or an arousal oil should work well) to avoid the experience feeling overtly mechanical, but regardless, this is my top O-and-then-I'm-on-the-go toy.

Shop Now: Charmed Massage Wand, $65

3. Hitachi Original Magic Wand, $65

For decades, vulva-owners have credited this tool as their gateway into the world of sexual pleasure. I stan anything that's stood the test of time, so if you want powerful vibes with a little less...aggressiveness as the Charmed Wand, you can't go wrong with a Hitachi.

Shop Now: Hitachi Original Magic Wand, $65

4. Dame Zee, $30

The smooth silicone texture and brilliant mechanics make all Dame Products an excellent piece of craftsmanship. Zee, in particular, is a great vibrator for beginners because it's a small, simple, quality bullet—and the price is right at $30.

Shop Now: Dame Zee, $30 

5. Romp Wave Lay-On, $30

If you're in that "I don't know what I want" camp of vibrators for beginners, S recommends the Romp Wave. It's an ergonomic external vibe that can be used on a vulva, shaft of a penis, nipples, or any other untapped erogenous zone that's craving a pleasure tsunami.

Shop Now: Romp Wave Lay-On, $30

6. Maude Vibe Personal Massager, $45

I've spent all year testing out sex toys, but the Maude Vibe may be my top pick for 2020. It is simple and sleek in design, with three settings, a squishy tip, and delivers orgasms super-reliably. Honestly, this is a one-in-a-million sex toy that costs less than $50, which makes it the perfect flex for absolute beginners and sex-toy connoisseurs alike.

Shop Now: Maude Vibe Personal Massager, $45

7. Womanizer Starlet, $49

If you're very fond of clitoral sucking as a sex act (or just a big fan of oral), a suction sex toy might be your best bet. Womanizer and its patented pleasure-air technology is the perfect substitute, and Starlet is one of the company's most wallet-friendly option.

Shop Now: Womanizer Starlet, $49

8. Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine G-Spot Vibrator, $40

This vibe looks sunny and friendly, doesn't it? And if that's not an inviting feature in a vibrator for beginners, I don't know what is. Between that ergonomic handle, the tantalizing ridges and all that yellow, the Yummy Sunshine Vibrator might your best bet if internal G-spot stimulation is something you want to, ahem, explore a bit more.

Shop Now: Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine G-Spot Vibrator, $40

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