Victoria Beckham’s 5 Tips for Making a White Tee Look High Fashion

Photo: Getty Images/Marc Piasecki
Last November, Victoria Beckham announced she would be partnering with Reebok on a new collection that would bring her posh aesthetic into sportswear. So basically, she's giving Sporty Spice a run for her money. Now, the first limited-edition line is available for preorder, and one item is something you can wear with anything and everything: a crisp white tee.

The boyfriend-cut T-shirt—which costs a hefty $140—features none other than Shaquille O'Neal dunking on the front, with his name, number, and many accomplishments on the back. And don't worry: Beckham makes her mark, too, with her initials printed on the sleeve.

"A white tee is always an essential in my wardrobe. It’s classic, simple, and easy to wear." —Victoria Beckham

And, if you think Posh Spice is going to rock her first Reebok item with loose-fitting sweats 24/7, you're sorely mistaken. This fashionista has plenty of tips for ways to style the staple to perfection. "What’s great about a classic white tee is that it's a timeless piece that anyone can inject their own personality into," Beckham shares via email. "It's always an essential in my wardrobe. It's classic, simple, and easy to wear." So the next time you grab yours, try some of her go-to tips for making it look high fashion.

Victoria Beckham's top 5 tips for styling a white tee to high-fashion perfection.

1. Wear it with wide-leg trousers

When it comes to a white tee, you can never go wrong by dressing it up with a statement pant. "Make it work-appropriate with sleek, wide-leg trousers," Beckham says. "Wear the tee tucked in, and complete the look with some classic trainers."

2. Experiment with tiny details

According to Beckham, sometimes even the smallest changes can make the biggest impact on your look. "Play around with little styling tricks, like giving the sleeves a roll, or trying a full or half tuck," she says.

3. Bring out the denim

Is there anything more classic than pairing a white tee with your favorite pair of jeans? "For a casual look, I like to wear mine with a good pair of boyfriend jeans and finish off the look with sunglasses—they hide a multitude of sins," Beckham says.

4. Try some white-on-white action

When you want to look sharp, just get a little matchy-matchy. "Wear it with classic white trainers. We all love a fresh white trainer with a fresh white tee," she says.

5. Don't overdo it

The biggest rule of rocking a white tee? It should look just as effortless as it feels. "No one likes to look like they’ve tried too hard," Beckham says. "Don’t do anything too dramatic. Just do what works for you."

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