The 8-Step Jump Rope Workout This Victoria’s Secret Angel Swears By

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Model Megan Williams has a secret up the sleeve of her millennial pink robe for preparing to walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: She's a huge fan of the jump rope.

If you loved flaunting your double Dutch skills on the playground as a kid, you might want to jump right back into the throwback recess pastime. In preparation for her second VS show, which airs November 28, the angel incorporated jump rope exercises into her routine to get a full-body workout—and ramp up her coordination chops for the runway.

"Megan’s routine is a high-intensity agility workout with a fusion of traditional exercise movements and jump roping," says Michaela Raagas, a master trainer at high-design Italian fitness company Technogym. Raagas added an important safety addendum: "Just make sure you master jump roping on its own before attempting a more advanced workout."

Ready to try Williams's do-anywhere retro workout for yourself? Grab a jump rope, and get ready to sweat.

Try Megan Williams's 8-step jump rope workout

1. High knees

Alternate moving your knees up to your chest while stepping over the rope. Your arms perform the usual jump rope motion. Before attempting this, ditch the jump rope and practice over an exercise ball to get comfortable driving your knees way up high.

2. Jumping jacks

Move your legs wide and then narrow over the rope, as if you are doing jumping jacks. Your arms do the usual jump rope motion.

3. Shuffle

From split stance, with one foot forward and the other behind, alternate moving each leg over the rope while your upper body jumps the rope, per the normal motion.

4. Oblique twist

Keep your legs together, stay on the balls of your feet, and rotate your lower body side to side while your upper body faces forward.

5. Side swing with squat

Think of making a sideways figure eight, with the jump rope swinging around one side of you and then to the other. While doing this, squat down.

6. Crossover

Alternate between regular jumps and ones in which you cross your arms (and thus, the rope) in front of you.

7. High knees crossover

Combine the high knees and crossover variations.

8. Lunges

While making a figure eight with the jump rope (like with the side swing exercise) with one foot in front of the other, lunge forward with weight placed on the front foot. Alternate feet, doing one regular jump rope rep between to transition.

Who knew grade school recess activities could prepare you for a model-approved sweat sesh?

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