Vitamix Just Launched Their Most Practical Blender Yet—Here’s What Happened When I Took It for a Spin

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When it comes to top-notch blenders on the market, it’s safe to say that Vitamix’s appliances are basically the gold standard. From their sleek, sturdy design to their impressive performance ability, there are few things that these machines can’t do.

I recently had the chance to take one of Vitamix's newest blenders, the Propel Series 510, for a ride (or spin, rather) to see if it’s worth the hype—and saying I was impressed would be a sheer understatement. These machines are a force to be reckoned with, from the design to the functionality to the mechanics. Naturally, I needed to learn more (everything!) about what makes the new high-performance blender so powerful (and practical)—which is why I caught up with Vitamix’s product director, who gave me the inside scoop on one of their most impressive models to hit the market yet.

More ahead on why this is my favorite Vitamix to date and how my smooth test drive with the Lamborghini of blenders really went.

The new Vitamix Propel Series 510 blender is the *chef's kiss* combination of power and practicality

When it comes to blenders, power and practicality are my main selling points—which were the reasons why I was instantly drawn to the new Propel Series 510 blender. Along with its manual speed controls, the Series 510 features three preset blending programs for making smoothies, frozen desserts, or hot soups with the press of a button (practicality: check).

“Preset programs are the most convenient feature available on a blender. With our programs, you can set up your blend, turn on the program, walk away, and come back to the same consistent blend time and time again,” Jud Cummins, the director of category and product at Vitamix, says. For even more hands-off cooking ability, their Propel Series 750 blender has an additional two settings dips and spreads and self-cleaning); it also comes with a 64-ounce container, compared to the 510’s 48-ounce one.

What’s more, Vitamix has some of the best technology (and power) when it comes to its blending systems. “At Vitamix, power, quality, and durability are behind every engineering decision that goes into making our beloved machines. The Propel Series is no different. What makes our blenders so special is their entire system: their motor base, container, blades, and so on—they all were designed with performance in mind,” Cummins says. IYKYK: Two horsepower is certainly enough to transform rock-solid frozen fruit into silky smoothies or fibrous greens into creamy soups with ease. (Power: check.)

Here’s what happened when I took this blender for a spin

According to Cummins, there are three essential tips to maximize the efficiency and power of a Vitamix. First, he recommends always using the tamper, which helps blend tough ingredients like frozen fruits and nut butter. Secondly, he recommends layering your blend of ingredients in what he calls the “Vitamix way,” which means liquids on the bottom, and stacking heavier components on top of the lighter ones to achieve the “classic Vitamix vortex.” (Ahem, like the ones you see on recipe videos on social media.)

Lastly, don’t forget to blend on high unless a recipe calls for a lower speed. “When you ramp up the machine to its highest speed, you’ll get the most optimal results,” Cummins says.

vitamix propel series 510 smoothie ingredients
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Keeping his tips in mind, I made my favorite go-to smoothie: one cup of frozen strawberries and blueberries, one cup of Elmhurst sweetened cashew milk, and a half cup of probiotic Lifeway whole milk coconut kefir. That said, I admittedly forgot to layer the ingredients the Vitamix way—meaning that I started with the frozen fruit at the bottom instead of the top. Sigh. Although I feared I had ruined my test from the get-go, the tamper really saved the day.

vitamix propel series 510 smoothie
Photo: Well+Good

Using the opening on the top of the lid (meant to fit the tamper perfectly and prevent it from reaching the blades) and the super-convenient, high-power smoothie-making preset, I began pushing the fruit and liquids together as the blender revved its engine. Much to my relief, after a few tries, the Vitamix vortex got going smoothly, and the ingredients began to swirl together as if they were trapped in the center of a tornado.

During a quick 60-second span, the blended-up fruit and liquids became a perfectly homogenous, vibrantly-hued, and luxuriously creamy purple smoothie. Needless to say, it was as blissful to watch as it was to slurp up. Most impressively, there was zero grit or icky berry seed particle to get stuck in my throat. Enough said the smoothie was as smooth as I’d imagine driving a Lamborghini would be (and actually worth the price).

An easy gut-healthy golden milk smoothie recipe: 

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