Exclusive: *This* Cult-Fave Essential Oil Brand Will Soon Be Available in-Flight

Photo: VItruvi
The air on airplanes has gotten a bad rap (for good reason). It's bad for your skin (hence, it's becoming the norm to rock a face mask in flight), it's typically freezing, and, well, it doesn't smell so delightful. So, dream scenario: being able to breathe in the uplifting, purifying scents of essential oils in-flight while nestled under a blanket, sheet mask on.

Air Canada's got you covered (in terms of the EOs, at least). The airline just partnered with Vitruvi essential oils—the millennial cult-fave brand of plant extracts—as their amenities partner, which means it's going to be easier to bring wellness with you when you travel.

Vitruvi's curated a Voyage Collection of travel essentials specifically for the in-flight experience, including a lip balm, face lotion, and essential oil roll-on with uplifting scents—think peppermint and citrus (yum). The essential oil-spiked formulas will also be in Air Canada's bathrooms, in custom-blended hand soaps, hand creams, and a refreshing face mist (a savior for in-flight dryness).

"Our hope is to help people curate a more well-rounded and elevated in-flight experience."

"Discovery, travel, and flight are an intrinsic part of our story, and as a Canadian company it felt very true to our roots to curate a wellness-centric travel experience for the largest Canadian airline," says Sara Panton, co-founder of Vitruvi. "Our goal is to help people elevate the simple moments throughout their day with essential oils. Flying's an experience that can leave you feeling tried, dry, and depleted—so by creating products that are more special and intentional, our hope is to help people curate a more well-rounded and elevated in-flight experience."

And essential oils are major multitaskers—by fending off germs, hydrating your skin, and boosting your mood all in one fell swoop. "Essential oils allow us to control our environment (or at least the aroma), and can act as a olfactory reminder of home and the wellness rituals throughout your day," adds Panton. Talk about a clear-headed and pleasantly scented bon voyage.

You can even use essential oils to fight a cold. New to EOs? Here's the beginner's guide to mixing essential oils.

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