If You’re Going to Buy a Diffuser This Season, Make It This One

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Candles are great but if filling your home with delicious scents is a staple in your routine, lighting candle after candle can quickly become wasteful. Sure, many candles are made with eco-conscious materials, but some are made with heat-resistant types of glass—like borosilicate—which can’t be recycled. For this reason—among others—diffusers are a wonderful way to go when thinking of ways to add fragrance to your space. Luckily for us, dozens of diffusers exist on the market. While many require being plugged in, Vitruvi—the creator of the cult-favorite Stone Diffuser ($119)—recognized a hole in the market and launched a portable diffuser to fill the space and meet the needs of fragrance lovers from near and far. Intrigued? Keep reading.

The Vitruvi Move Diffuser ($179) sits on a charging base that is, in fact, plugged in. What sets it apart, however, is that you can pick it up and carry it with you wherever you go. In addition to a different delivery, the Move diffuser also looks different than the original Vitruvi device. Where the porcelain Stone Diffuser looks natural and minimalist, the new matte metal Move diffuser takes on a sleeker, more modern appeal. It’s sold in black and white colorways, each of which features a transparent strip that lights up when in use. And, speaking of use, this diffuser can be used for up to four hours of consistent scent or eight if it’s programmed to disperse the fragrance intermittently.

Vitruvi Diffuser Review

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Like the Stone Diffuser, the Move is made to work in spaces up to 500 square feet. What’s more, it works much the same as the original, in that you fill the reservoir to the fill line with water and add 20 to 25 drops of the 100 percent pure essential oils of your choice. After adding your fragrance, put the top back on, select your time setting, and enjoy the result, knowing that once the water runs out, the device will automatically shut off.

If you love the sound of the new diffuser but wish it was compatible with larger spaces, you’re in luck! Vitruvi also launched the Stay Diffuser ($159), another matte metal offering. Unlike both the Move and Stone offerings, the Stay is designed to transform spaces up to 700 square feet.

All this is to say, if you’ve been looking for new ways to scent your home or a gift to buy pretty much every single person on your list this year, Vitruvi has you covered.

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