This Chic, Widely Beloved Diffuser Brand Is Having Its Biggest-Ever Sale

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Diffusers are summer’s answer to a subtle indoor scent: They can be every bit as effective as candles when it comes to distributing an aroma room-wide, but they don’t come with the added heat of a burning wick. And when they’re as minimalist-chic as the widely beloved ultrasonic ones from Vitruvi, they double as décor for a side table or vanity. Another reason to get diffusing: Vitruvi is having its biggest sale ever.

Now through July 11, the company is offering 20 percent off everything—and with all purchases over $150, you’ll also get a washed-denim “Home Body” bag made in collaboration with Citizens of Humanity.

Also, right in time for the sale, Vitruvi is launching a new limited-edition summer kit of essential-oil blends including four scents that practically bottle up warm weather and sunshine: citrusy Sweet Water, herbal Eucalyptus, floral-minty Geranium, and earthy Lemongrass. When you buy the set (which is only available until July 8, while supplies last), you’ll receive 5-milliliter pods of each scent, so you can sample, sniff, and swap them out as you please. (And if you land on a favorite, you can always restock with a full-size bottle, all of which are sold separately on the Vitruvi site, and are on sale now, too.)

While all of Vitruvi’s essential-oil blends can subtly suffuse a dreamy scent over up to 700 square feet—ideal for any space that could use a refresh after getting a little too much use during quarantine—they’re also antimicrobial, antibacterial, and made without synthetic fragrances or chemicals. And when founder Sara Panton developed them, she tapped her integrative-medicine background to develop blends that would activate the olfactory nerve and lend themselves to particular goals (say, citrus scents to promote alertness or woodsy ones to help you feel calm and grounded).

That said, her purpose when creating Vitruvi's diffusers and essential-oil blends wasn’t to cure anything in particular, but instead, to create “beautiful moments of time,” she previously told Well+Good: “10- to 20-second spa moments throughout your day sparked by certain chemical properties.”

The infinitely reusable products (no melty wax here!) are a customizable, sustainable-home win that happens to also be high design. All you need to get them going is an essential-oil blend of your choice—which Vitruvi, of course, has covered, too—and water.

To have a spa-like moment of your own, shop our favorite Vitruvi sale items while the discounts last:

Move Diffuser — $143.00

This portable beauty brings all the ultrasonic scent-diffusing capabilities of the brand’s classic Stone diffuser, but with the added perk of movability. You can pick it up and plunk it down in whatever room, hallway, kitchen, (insert other space here) could use a refresh whenever you so desire.

While its charging base does plug in, a single charge lasts for one full-use cycle—whether you choose the consistent four-hour or intermittent eight-hour option. It also has a mod matte-metal finish that comes in four colors (black, white, fog, and terra-cotta), and like the brand’s original, its scent-diffusing powers can spread over up to 500 square feet of space.

Stay Diffuser — $127.20

By contrast to the Move, the Stay is especially designed to, well, stay in one spot—and as a result, it’s a good deal bigger than the other Vitruvi diffusers, with its scenting capabilities spreading over up to 700 square feet of space. And it’s longer-lasting, too, turning a living room or dining room into a dreamy, fresh-smelling oasis for up to 18 hours (though you can select six-hour consistent and 12-hour intermittent options, too).

Similar to the Move, Stay has a matte-metal finish, which is available in black and white. And like all Vitruvi diffusers, it also automatically shuts off when the time you’ve selected is up (or when the water in its reservoir runs out).

Moonbeam Blend — $24.00

Channel the invigorating, fresh scents of spring all summer long with a scent blend that all but transports you to a verdant garden in bloom. Like all of Vitruvi’s essential-oil blends, it’s expertly layered, almost like a fragrance—with top notes of wild orange, rose, and jasmine, and a bottom note of peppery ho wood (which is similar to rosewood but distilled from a more renewable source, camphor trees). Overall, it’s floral, but not too heady, with a woodsy finish to keep it well-grounded.

Uplift Kit — $38.40

This sampler kit is full of bright and bubbly pick-me-ups, for whenever you feel the need to recharge, focus, and clear your head. It includes the oceanic, basil-infused Pacific; citrusy, bergamot Boost; tropical Retreat; and pine-lemon Clean Sweep for all your mixing and matching pleasure.

Unwind Kit — $43.20

Just the opposite of the above Uplift kit, the Unwind kit contains everything you need to slow down and prep your mind for sleep after a hectic day. It comes with four sample-size scents with unique essential-oil profiles, all designed to relax your mind and soothe your spirit: herbal Dusk, cashmere-esque Quiet, ginger-orange Nightcap, and, of course, lavender- and chamomile-based Sleep.

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