12 Warm Face Masks To Keep You Comfortable All Winter Long

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At the height of summer, lightweight and breathable face masks proved to be a necessity. But during the cooler months, wearing warm face masks is an added bonus beyond protecting yourself and others from COVID-19. With the highly contagious Omicron COVID-19 variant swirling, it's crucial to keep wearing a protective mask. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control may soon recommend that people opt for more effective N95 and KN95 masks, reports The Washington Post, as opposed to cloth masks.

"If we had the supply to begin with in the beginning of the pandemic, then most likely, the recommendation would have existed to utilize the N95. But because of supply constraints, that recommendation was unreasonable to meet," says Anthony Harris, MD, MPH, associate medical director for WorkCare. "Wearing the N95 instead of a cloth mask is preferable to help increase the level of protection for yourself as well as others around you."

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Take that protection to the next level and keep your N95 ($40 to $60) or KN95 a bit cleaner if you're reusing it by double masking with a warm face mask. "Wearing a second mask is about protecting the more expensive, and less available, N95 mask so that you can extend its lifetime," says Brian Labus, PhD, MPH, an infectious disease epidemiologist and public health professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Made from materials like fleece and wool, a warm face mask will make your fall and winter outfits much cozier. Think of it as a 2022 version of a ski mask—except it's cute and absolutely essential.

Best Warm Face Masks for Cold Weather

HDX N95 Respirator Mask
HDX N95 Respirator — $40 to $60

This N95 mask from HDX features an adjustable aluminum nose clip for an excellent fit. Because it’s so good at filtering as you breathe, it tends to trap more heat than other masks, making it a great way to keep warm. Shop a 25-pack for $40 or a 40-pack for $60.

earmuff mask
woorishopusa Earmuffs Mask — $13.00

This face mask is the epitome of cozy with its soft outer lining and fleece lining. It has a velcro closure and earmuffs built in to protect your ears on those particularly cold days. You can get it in black, navy, or pink.

buck mason warm face mask
Photo: Buck Mason
Buck Mason All-Day Anti-Microbial Face Mask — $30.00

If you prefer cotton masks, this one has a triple layer to make it warmer. It’s also has adjustable ear loops and an anti-microbial coating, and comes it a pack of five.

warm face masks
Photo: TweedFiend
TweedFiend Harris Tweed Face Mask — $26.00

The tweed outer layer of this face mask makes it warm, and the inner cotton lining keeps it comfortable. You can choose between several colors and two types of ear loops: elastic loops or tie straps made from recycled t-shirt yarn.

quilted warm face mask
Photo: HowaNYC
HowaNYC Quilted Supima Cotton Luxury Face Mask — $19.00

This super-soft face mask is made from three layers of Supima cotton, with elastic ear loops and a nose wire to ensure it fits properly. Choose between black, white, gray, or floral colors, and it has a cute quilted pattern to set it apart from the rest of your face mask collection.

cara winter masks
Caraa Winter Adult Masks — $25.00

Caraa’s winter masks are dual-layer and breathable, and warmer than their universal masks. They’re made with twill cotton and have wider ear elastics and come in packs of five. You can decide between all black, pastels, classic colors, and more.


all birds face mask
Allbirds TrinoXO Face Mask — $25.00

Allbirds’ soft face masks are made from upcycled materials from their tees, which is a blend of tencel, merino wool, and chitosan. They come in three neutral colors (gray, black, and white) and each pack includes three masks.

hedley and bennett face masks
Hedley & Bennett Dark Blue Chambray — $42.00

Apron brand Hedley & Bennett quickly pivoted to also making face masks during the pandemic, and these have reinforced stitching and an inner pocket if you want to add a filter for extra protection. They were designed with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and the brand donates to first responders and essential workers for every mask purchased. The pack comes with three stylish masks.

Under Armour Adult Sports Mask
Under Armour Adult Sports Mask — $25.00

Whether you’re out grocery shopping or going for a run, this three-layer Under Armour mask will keep you warm and protected. It has a water-resistant outer shell, an inner layer with an anti-microbial treatment, and a breathable middle layer.

atoms everyday mask
Atoms Everyday Mask — $12.00

The Atoms masks are made with a quick-drying polyester blend outer layer and an inner layer that has copper-lined ionized quartz yarn to help kill bacteria quickly. The ear loops are an extension of the mask so they’re also stretchy and comfortable.

BasicList Fleece Face Mask
BasicList BasicList Fleece Face Mask — $8.00

This mask has two layers to keep your face warm, a jersey outside layer, and a soft fleece inside layer. It has a 3D design so you can breathe easily without sucking in the mask every time you inhale.

Mali + Lili Four Layer Adult Mask Scarf
Mali + Lili Four Layer Adult Mask Scarf — $40.00

Not only does this mask have three protective layers and a built-in filter pocket, but it also doubles as a scarf when you need it, essentially making it two accessories in one. It’s 100 percent cotton, has a tie back, and comes in four different colors/patterns.

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