8 Jackets to Keep You Warm During Your Winter Runs

Photo: Instagram/@p.e.nation

There are two types of people in the world (or at least in my world): Those who run outside, regardless of the season, and those who gawk at them from afar, muttering to themselves "aren't they cold?"

If you're in the former camp (or TBH, probably the latter too), consider the following product recommendations veritable public service announcements: Warm, weather–appropriate leggings and running jackets can help keep you cozy and protected against those frigid winds and below-freezing temperatures while you still soldier on for that outdoor workout-warrior sweat sesh.

And as stylish and useful as that teddy bear jacket is post-Pilates class, it's not exactly sprint-friendly. These jackets (especially when paired with an infrared shirt) are necessary, sleek, and functional seasonal attire that you can run up a sweat in.

Run through the following warm-for-winter athletic jackets below.

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