The Best Tights To Actually Keep You Warm the Rest of Winter (and Spring)

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From thick socks to chunky knit sweaters, puffer jackets to cashmere beanies, dressing in the winter is all about warmth—especially in February and March, when weather is deceptively still cold. Spring is just within reach, but we'd be silly to think we could go outside in skirts and dresses with bare legs. But that's where a good pair of tights come in. With the right warm tights, you can still wear just about any dress or skirt in your wardrobe.  Take that, winter.

Warm tights come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are insulated, fleece-lined options, sweater-style ones, thick classic stockings, and more. But the best part of it all is that hosiery, though an often forgotten part of our wardrobe, is supremely functional. It can be worn to make a professional outfit, more office appropriate, under pants for added warmth, and even on a night out dancing, because, let's be honest, many of our slinkiest club-ready dresses aren't exactly made to withstand the elements. Scroll down to shop the best pairs of warmest tights to wear for every winter occasion.

The warmest tights to add to your winter wardrobe

Romastory Winter Warm Fleece Lined Thick Tights — $20.00

Winter weather means fleece-lined stockings. Whether you choose to wear them under a pair of jeans or trousers for an added level of protection against the chilly winds, or as a way to make your favorite summer dress weatherproof, these tights are going to be your new best friend for the next few months.

Spanx Plush Tummy Shaping Tights — $35.00

These plush tights are lined for comfort and warmth, but true to the Spanx brand, they’re also shaping and smoothing to have your body looking and feeling sleek and tucked in.

Calzedonia Soft Modal and Cashmere Blend Tights — $20.00

These soft tights are a modal and cashmere blend, thermal, and feel oh-so smooth against your skin, so there’s no fear of mid-day itchiness. And they come in eight neutral shades to choose from.

Wolford Satin de Luxe Tights — $75.00

Wolford stockings are the epitome of elegance. The satin sheen makes the pair stand out from the other black tights in your unmentionables drawer, and the opaque finish is thick enough keep your legs protected.

Steve Madden Sweater Knit Tights — $13.00

Nothing says warmth like a sweater. These knit tights feel like you’re wearing your favorite one…but on your legs. The knit feel is ultra cozy, and the wooly fabric will keep you toasty warm under a dress or skirt.

Les Belles Chevron — $36.00

These 50 denier tights are the perfect in-between. They’re not as thick and fleecy as a classic insulated stocking, but they are also not totally sheer. The best part is that they are sustainably made in Italy from 94 percent recycled polyamide.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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