Not Drinking Enough Water? These 9 Bottles Help You Hydrate

Photo: Unsplash/Houston Max
My plants get watered on a strict weekly schedule. Unfortunately, I don't keep myself as hydrated as my beloved monstera. Drinking water is the most basic thing you need to do to survive, yet it's the one thing I can't get myself to do. Sometimes I go most of the day with nothing but a few swigs—which probably explains my frequent migraines and lack of energy. Clearly something's gotta change.

I've tried just about everything to get myself to drink water like a normal person. And if you're also part of the please-help-me-I-suck-at-drinking-water club, it's probably going to take an extra push to finally get the job done. Instead of carrying around a plain ol' water bottle every day, going for a high-tech option that reminds you to sip or something that helps you track your progress with hydration markers might be the solution you've been looking for.

To stop your insides from turning into the Sahara desert, snag one of these finds immediately.

These water bottles are great, but be careful: Yours will start growing mold at a rapid rate if you don't wash it. Also, find out the best time of day to drink water, according to experts.

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