9 Water Filters to Help You Make Good on Your H2o-Consumption Resolution

Photo: Soma

It almost seems foolish to wax poetic about water. The stuff is 100 percent necessary in order for your body to function, and it has also been touted as the not-so-magical elixir behind glowing skin and energy. (But, it might magically help stave off the munchies!) So, what's the problem? Even for the most health-obsessed, it can be difficult to consume the ideal amount of water per day.

With that said, it's the New Year, folks! That means resolutions abound, so you may as well make good on the perennial one to drink more water.

Getting a cool and efficient water filter is likely the most realistic way to accomplish this. I mean, if you have a countertop system, the thing's physical presence serves as a reminder to guzzle up the H2O. And if you buy a bottle with a built-in filter, you really have no excuse not to be hitting your hydration goals.

Another bonus: The simple act of getting up to refill your bottle will alleviate some of the unhealthy side effects of sitting down at a desk for hours on end. So, bottoms up.

See the water filters for every size and every situation below.

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