Need Ice That Won’t Melt in the Heat? Freeze Watermelon Cubes

Photo: Photo: Stocksy/Jeremy Pawlowski

With temperatures soaring past 90°F throughout much of the country lately, chances are you're going into the work week with your sunscreen tube seriously used up and your blow dryer stashed away until fall. And guess what: it's still freakin' hot out.

Ice cubes have long been a summer heatwave savior, whether they're used to chill a pitcher of iced tea or pressed right against your sweaty body. But Smitten Kitten blogger Deb Perelman has a next-level way to use a watermelon to beat the heat. Behold, watermelon ice cubes.

By cutting the melon into cubes and freezing it, you can throw a few pieces into, say, a watermelon mojito cocktail and still get the satisfaction of biting down on ice cubes (you know you want to) without diluting your drink. And besides, what's more refreshing—and hydrating—than watermelon? I mean, if summer had a fruity mascot, it would be a watermelon. When the ice cubes are ready, you can either blend 'em up to enjoy slushie-style, or nosh on them as is.

When Well+Good food and health editor Jessie Van Amburg tried this recipe herself, the word "game-changer" came to mind. "Since watermelon is mostly... water, it freezes up nicely but doesn't melt in the same as an ice cube," she says. "Also, frozen watermelon makes a helluva refreshing drink on a hot day."

Drop a few watermelon ice cubes in your lemonade to avoid watering it down, or pack a tall glass of seltzer for a refreshingly fizzy drink with a watermelon twist. For a mojito, you'll need watermelon, lime juice, white rum, fresh mint, and a teeny bit of granulated sugar. (Head to Smitten Kitten for the full recipe.) With a summer treat this good, you might find yourself hoping for high temps again tomorrow.

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