5 Waterproof Mascaras That You Can Actually Take Off at Night

Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma
You know the scenario: You're in full makeup, you jet out into the rain (or watch a tear-jerker or laugh until you cry), and you've got mascara cascading down your face. Not ideal.

Enter waterproof mascara, the hero eye product that coats your lashes and stays with you even through The Notebook—minus the inky tears. "Waterproof mascara protects against moisture because it contains wax like beeswax or candelilla," says Courtney Larabee, makeup artist and Walgreens beauty consultant. "This acts as a shield around the lash so water can't come into contact with the color." Genius.

It's particularly helpful this time of the year, when you're assailed with humidity and the occasional spring shower. "Waterproof mascara's a staple in the summer time, since it gives volume and length without the raccoon eyes," says Larabee.

But then there's the issue of removing it—if it's waterproof, how do ya get it off at night? "It's important to use a makeup remover that breaks it down since it won't come off with a simple rinse," she explains. "Some of my favorites are Neutrogena's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water." (You can also look for something with an oil base to dissolve the makeup.)

Larabee recommends applying some onto cotton pad rounds and pressing against your eyes for a couple of seconds. "Once all lashes are covered in remover, wipe away the mascara, making sure to get both the upper and lower lash line," she says. "Depending on how many coats of mascara are applied, you may need to repeat the process until it's all removed." And voilà—you get all of the benefits of regular mascara, minus the sad prom queen eyes.

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