Wawa Proves It’s Possible to Eat Healthy at a Gas Station

Photo: Getty Images/Westend61
Happy National Wawa Day! What, you mean it wasn't marked in your Google calendar and no one sent you a card for this special occasion? Well, no worries. This is in fact a real holiday and you can celebrate by raiding the convenience store of their best healthy foods.

It's true, Wawa isn't just a place for delicious hoagies. As far as quick stop-and-shop places go, it has a pretty decent option of fresh foods for cheap. If you're on a road trip and happen to find yourself at a gas station with a Wawa convenience store attached, you're in luck! Peel your eyes away from the cookie dough parfait and let us introduce you to five Wawa staples that are both satisfying and healthy.

1. Kale and quinoa salad: Not only does Wawa have a whole salad menu (something most convenience stores definitely lack), there's actually more to them than just some iceberg lettuce and a plastic container of creamy Caesar dressing. Wawa actually has kale. Kale! Besides being loaded with greens and quinoa (protein!), it also has apples, goat cheese, and dried cranberries.

2. Burrito bowl: Those little turkey pinwheels aren't your only protein option. The burrito bowl has a whole layer of black beans, and you can add chicken or beef if you want even more protein. Or, keep it vegan. Either way, it's one of the healthiest meals to choose from.

3. Grapes, cheese, and crackers: Perhaps the most, er, sophisticated food choice at Wawa, this little snack pack is one way to get some antioxidants and calcium while on the road. (Or throw it on a plate and bring it to book club. We won't tell.)

4. Hummus and pita rounds: Yep, Wawa even has hummus. While it's not going to fill you up in place of a meal, this snack is perf for a little protein boost. Chickpeas for the win!

5. Mango and granola parfait: This one works for breakfast, snack time, or dessert. It's full of antioxidants, calcium, protein, and fiber, and, yes, it's from a convenience store! Isn't Wawa magical?

It's also quite possible to eat healthy at The Cheesecake Factory and Red Lobster.

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