Finally, I Found a Clitoral-Suction Toy That Doesn’t Feel Like a Vacuum Cleaner

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I'm first to admit that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to sex toys, and that may be a result of having been spoiled from the get-go along my masturbatory journey. Rather than dipping my toe in the pool of self-pleasure with a dainty bullet or another cute little gadget, I dove in headfirst after being gifted a Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit as my first-ever toy. Since then, my personal bar for vibrators remains pretty darn high.

That being said, I’m especially picky when it comes to clitoral-suction toys. I love receiving oral sex, because most of my orgasms come from clitoral stimulation (as is the case with most vulva-owners), so I should be the clitoral-suction toy’s number one fan. Except, I’m largely unimpressed.

Besides the Womanizer, whose patented pleasure-air technology continues to wow my vagina, I’ve found most oral sex simulators don’t actually simulate oral sex. Since a bafflingly few suction toys available feature any design, engineering, or technology that resembles anything like a tongue, users miss out on the toe-curling licking and flicking sensations. Instead, pulsating airwaves are designed to mimic the rumbly vibrations that can come from cunnilingus, which can surely allow for pleasurable results. The downside? You might end up feeling like you’re masturbating with a hair dryer. That is, until now. The We-Vibe Melt ($149) is a clitoral-suction toy that blessedly doesn’t feel like you’re hooking up with a vacuum cleaner.

Shop now: We-Vibe Melt, $149

At first glance, the We-Vibe Melt looks like most other clitoral suckers on the market, but upon closer look, there are some key differences. For one, it's smaller than a number of other suction toys on the market—its sleek, silicon body fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. (That's great for people like me, who like to masturbate on their belly or use a toy with their partner.) The nozzle is also notably smaller than it is on other suction vibrators I've tried, so its pulses are super-targeted in massaging every part of the clitoris. And well, there’s a good reason it’s named “Melt.” I was practically a human puddle after an afternoon solo sesh with it.

The nozzle is also notably smaller than it is on other suction vibrators I've tried, so its pulses are super-targeted in massaging every part of the clitoris.

We-Vibe merged with Womanizer in 2018, so I expected a similar experience to that of the Womanizer Pro or Premium. But We-Vibe Melt offers a slower burn. Its 12 intensity levels allow you to experiment with speeds and stimulations, which are helpful for avoiding that overwhelming vacuum feeling and really controlling the length and speed of your orgasm.

Some pro tips: Using it with a bit of lube can help you feel like you're receiving oral, and if you're partnered, try it together. Each We-Vibe product is Bluetooth-friendly and pairs via the We-Connect app, so your partner can control the vibrations directly from their smartphone, even from a distance.

All of that said, the $149 price point can be a bit steep, especially considering the toy doesn't allow for much outside of clitoral stimulation. So, if you’re someone who enjoys deep penetration or G-spot stimulation and is looking to spend a little less, Melt might not be for you. Instead, check out Sweet Vibes Kissed ($50) or Tracy’s Dog OG ($44); both offer unreal clitoral-suction and penetrative technology. Otherwise, trust me on this one—treat yourself to the Melt.

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