We’re Nominated for Two Webby Awards—Here’s How to Help Us Win!

Photo: Stocksy/Javier Pardina
This year's Oscars have come and gone, but the Webby Awards—AKA the biggest honor the internet offers for a handful of different categories—are upon us. Well+Good is up for two awards—and your vote can help us win.

Here's how: Simply click on Best Health & Fitness Social Media and Best Lifestyle WebsiteOnce you're there, hit the "Vote" button—and get us one step closer to victory in both the categories where we're nominated. No time like the present! Voting is open until Thursday, April 19.

Every day, we're reporting on and sharing the latest and greatest in the wellness world with one thing in mind: you, our readers. So whether you're part of the Well+Good community for feel-good workout tips, healthy recipes, the latest wellness news, or all of the above, having you show your support would be huge.

Vote here for Best Health & Fitness Social Media and Best Lifestyle Website, then spread the word to your wellness-savvy crew so they can help us win, too!

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