17 Items That Will Add a Dash of Wellness to Your Wedding Registry

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina

A wellness-oriented lifestyle doesn't have to be expensive; in reality, a combination of fresh, nutrient-dense produce from your local farmer's market, regular walks (bonus points if they're taken while barefoot), and a bit of daily meditation will do the trick. That said, if you have a wishlist (don't we all...) stacked with *all* the healthy home goods—you're not alone.

The time in life when many people start to dream up such a list is, of course, when registering for a wedding. Undoubtedly, marriages are all about love, commitment, and other non-material things (obvs), but they're also about setting up a home for you and your special someone to live in together. Jennifer Spector, Director of Brand for Zola—the wedding registry website that ingeniously mixes SoulCycle passes in with blenders and other standard-issue items—helped curate this selection of the best wellness-enabling products on the site. Below are her selections for registry perfection.

And if you just want some credit to shop for your own gifts without prying eyes, register for a cash fund, which Zola allows you to personalize with photos and texts. Or, just let Zola's Tinder-esque app feature Blender decide what your registry is missing.

Keep reading for Spector's healthy home registry picks.


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