The Big Step Wendy’s Is Making Toward Healthier Eating (and It’s Not a Menu Change)

Photo: Instagram/@wendys
Are the days of fast food junk eating over? Eating on the go just keeps getting healthier. (Praise.) Not only are big brands like Panera Bread upping the game, but mega chains like McDonald's are even making changes in their food-supply choices, all in the name of health. And now, Wendy's is stepping up.

Reuters reports that the burger chain is cutting way back on antibiotic use in its beef—responding to scientific concerns that antibiotic use in farm animals is contributing to major health problems like antibiotic-resistant viruses and even gut health issues. Starting in 2018, 15 percent of Wendy's beef will be sourced from producers committed to cutting back on Tylosin, a common antibiotic used in farm animals.

On the surface, it might not sound like such a big deal, but considering that Wendy's is the third most popular burger chain, this one tweak in its system will have huge repercussions. Not only is it a step toward providing antibiotic-free burgers to the masses, but it's setting an example to other fast-food chains that it's possible to prioritize health and still thrive. Maybe next they'll roll out almond-milk Frosties?

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