Finally Get Organized—For Cheap—Thanks to This Last-Minute West Elm Sale

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Labor Day weekend may be over, but that doesn't mean the sales have to be. In fact, there are quite a few last-minute deals up for grabs, including some unforgettable savings from West Elm. We're specifically eyeing some great storage and organization solutions to help with declutter, and luckily, West Elm's got some great picks. So, if you're been looking to spark some joy in your home, Marie Kondo style, the retailer is here to help.

For just one more day, you can score up to 70 percent off on dozens of furniture and decor items. From the retailer's cozy bedding to that classic jute rug you've been eyeing for your living room, there's a wide range of stylish home goods to add to your living space and beyond. Like we said: It's the savings on organizational pieces that really caught our attention. This includes top-rated shelving units, storage baskets for stashing away your small trinkets, and much more. In fact, we spotted several items up for grabs for 50 percent off. For example, this sleek  three-tier storage shelf that holds your bathroom towels and toiletries has been slashed from $180 to $90. Also, this best-selling set of woven baskets from Senegal is now available for 50 percent off if you want to show off some one-of-a-kind decor pieces in your kitchen.

While it can be difficult to navigate through pages after page of deals, we've narrowed down some of the best finds from the sale to swipe for a more organized and tidy space.

Curved Water Hyacinth Basket — $65.00

Originally $100, on sale for $65

If you could use some extra space to store away your some of your workout essentials (aka, your resistance bands or Bala weights), this hyacinth basket may just come in handy. Its medium size makes it perfect to set up in a small space.

Bekins Reversible Shelves (Set of 2) — $56.00

Originally $112, on sale for $56

Optimize your small kitchen space with this pair of reversible Bekins shelves. In addition to creating more space in your pantry, these shelves also come with five nifty S-hooks that latch onto the center bar so you can easily hang your cooking utensils.

Zane Media Console, 40-Inch (Medium) — $300.00

Originally $549, on sale for $299.99

To keep your entertainment space free of clutter, this Zane Media Console is here to the rescue. With it, you have enough space to put a 40-inch smart TV on top. The media unit also has two internal compartments with adjustable shelves and a cord cutout for you to hide your cable wires.

Bamboo Soft Closet Hamper — $213.00

Originally $250, on sale for $212.50

A good hamper should never been taken for granted, and this one is perfect for anyone looking to better organize their laundry. Not only does it secure your dirty clothes, but it also seamlessly blends into your closet, thanks to its discreet design. Additionally, it has a storage shelf on top, so you can separate some of your clothes and towels before you toss them into the wash.

Yamazaki Dual Handle Storage Basket — $26.00

Originally $35, on sale for $26.25

Whether you need a place for fresh produce in the fridge or a way to keep your pantry tidy, these Japanese-designed baskets help bring some orderliness into your kitchen. They’re super functional and lightweight so you can easily move them around from place to place.

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