Everything About This West Elm and OffHours Collab Will Make You Want To Buy New Bedding

Photo: West Elm x Offhours
After taking a look through my wardrobe this weekend only to find varying shades of grey to wear, I instated a rule that I'd only buy things moving forward that make me happy. And on Monday morning, look what landed in my inbox: a collaboration between the "inactivewear" brand OffHours and West Elm. HAPPINESS achieved. I cannot convey to you enough how much you are going to want to refresh your bedding after taking just one quick look at this collection of pillows, comforters and homecoats (think: wearable comforters).

The collection comes in three color combinations for both the homecoat and the comforter (get both, daylight savings time is coming and if you're not in bed, you'll want to be next week): Varsity, which is a navy, jade, and maroon; Michaelangelo, which is a khaki that has trimming of blush and burnt orange; and an exclusive color combo for the collab called Renaissance, which is a heathered oatmeal with a green, terracotta, and mustard trim.

And what's more, OffHours is moving in a sustainable direction, pairing a cotton shell and lining with a recycled polyester filling—which is equivalent to 38 recycled plastic bottles—in the Renaissance color home coat and all of the quilts in the collaboration. If we had to bet, we'd guess that this collaboration won't last long, so do yourself a favor and stock up today.

Shop the West Elm X OffHours collection here

OffHours X West Elm Quilt in Rennaissance — $200.00

A reversible pale blue and oatmeal comforter trimmed with yellow and peach, this option feels like it was meant to have you dreaming about summer days through the coldest months.

OffHours X West Elm Quilt in Michaelangelo — $200.00

The earthiest option in the collection, this khaki, trimmed with terracotta and blush is the best option for those who want to convince themselves that they’re nature-ing while parking it at home.

OffHours X West Elm Quilt in Varsity — $200.00

There’s something super retro about this color combination that makes you feel like you’re about to open the door on Kevin keeping away the bad guys in Home Alone. Only you’ll just open your door and see your bed, and be v-e-r-y glad you bought in.

OffHours X West Elm Homecoat in Michaelangelo — $295.00

Wrap yourself in those same earth vibes that we talked about earlier. The housecoat really does make you feel like you’re wearing the comforter itself—and truly what is better?

OffHours X West Elm Homecoat in Varsity — $295.00

Promote your JV homewears by throwing this homecoat on top. Zoom meetings are made all the better.

OffHours X West Elm Homecoat in Renaissance — $295.00

Again, this heathered grey and pale blue trimmed with primary colors is just the happiest vibes. I have a feeling if you buy it, your roommate/partner is going find themselves “borrowing” it often, so maybe invest in two? IDK, do you.

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