These Illuminating Drops Give My Skin an Instant Glow While Increasing Radiance Over Time

Photo: Courtesy of Westman Atelier
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Who doesn’t want radiant skin? Beauty lovers can admit the pursuit to achieving naturally dewy and refreshed skin is more difficult than it sounds. In the meantime, we turn to makeup to help bring out the best in our skin. Thankfully, in 2023, makeup brands have advanced beyond just creating makeup—so much so, that products not only aid in bringing out our natural glow but have the skin-care science to improve our skin over time. They say to fake it 'til you make it, and crafting a glow has never been easier with Westman Atelier’s Liquid Super Loaded Skin Illuminator ($58).

Founded by legendary celebrity and editorial makeup artist Gucci Westman, Westman Atelier is known for creating minimalist makeup that is packed with good-for-you ingredients. The Liquid Super Loaded Skin Illuminator is no exception. For example, it’s formulated with avocado seed oil, an antioxidant with emollient and soothing properties. Skin antioxidants protect the skin from damaging pollutants and UV rays, and while avocado oil serves as an antioxidant, it also nourishes the skin. Another addition is tsubaki oil, which can help with retaining elasticity and smoothing texture. Last is vitamin C, an active ingredient heralded for its brightening properties.

The vitamin C used in the Illuminator is tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, an oil-soluble and more stable form of ascorbic acid. Ingredient stability comes down to the ability to retain its qualities throughout the shelf life. In this case, even though this form of vitamin C is in a makeup product, it doesn’t make it any less powerful. Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate does everything you probably already know about vitamin C: it has anti-aging properties, can lighten dark spots, and helps with evening skin tone. Aside from this, studies have proven it to be useful in preserving collagen and protecting against free radicals. Makeup that works (and feels) like skin care is too good to pass up, which is why the brand has become one of my favorites.

The Illuminator comes in three shades: a pearlescent nude, rosy peach, and warm bronzer. The beauty of illuminating drops is their versatility—they can be worn as a primer, highlighter, bronzer, blush, or on their own. Another plus is that the drops are user-friendly. Give the bottle a quick shake, drop one to two dots onto your hands, and apply directly to the skin with your fingers. The packaging is a well-made squeezable bottle that doesn’t leak, making it great for on-the-go—throw in your bag and dab it on after Pilates on your way to coffee.

To apply, I followed my skin-care routine as usual and topped it with an SPF and primer. I have combination skin that can be acne-prone, along with redness and dark spots from past skin challenges. I was planning on this makeup to last from day to night and was curious to see how the Skin Illuminator fared. I added a few drops of the Peau de Pêche shade directly to my skin with my fingers, then topped it with my foundation and didn’t experience any separation while blending with my brush. The formula also has a faint, fresh sunscreen-esque smell (it's actually yuzu citrus) that made its application all the more pleasant. Using the Skin Illuminator drops as a boost to my primer, I found that the Peau de Pêche shade complemented my fair skin and didn’t exacerbate any of my dark marks or large pores. As time passed, I also didn’t look like an oil slick. I’ve tried similar illuminating drops before and was not impressed. Other formulas felt thick and full of glitter—this was not the case with Westman’s, which has a thin consistency and offers a luminous finish.

I used the pink shade, Peau de Rosé, on top of my cream blush to add some sparkle and saw similar results—my blush was radiant and glowy. The new few days, I found myself reaching for the Peau de Pêche to wear on its own with the addition of a little concealer. Although you can’t build up the product for more coverage, on days when it’s simply too hot for makeup, the drops boosted my confidence and gave me no-makeup makeup results. And, If you're concerned about looking like a disco ball, don’t be. The glow from the formula is very fine.

TL;DR: The Skin Illuminator drops are the best no-fuss alternative for providing a thin layer of natural coverage that also brightens the skin’s natural radiance.

Illuminating drops can be polarizing. At first glance, they appear like a glittery mess that doesn’t add much to the skin’s overall appearance. With the Liquid Super Loaded Skin Illuminator, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m always looking for products to simplify my routine, and the Peau de Pêche drops are the ideal skin-centric makeup product that I’ve been searching for. If you’re over makeup that works against your skin and not for it, and want a product that will bring the best out of your complexion, look no further than the Liquid Super Loaded Skin Illuminator.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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