This Celeb-Beloved Body Concealer *Doesn’t* Budge, and Has Become My Wedding Season Hero

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We’re in prime photo season, my friends. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement party, graduation, or just a weekend away, you might be on the hunt for products that help you feel your best—in front of and behind the camera. I had the opportunity to test the perpetually viral Body Coverage Perfector from Westmore Beauty ($49), which is used and loved by celebs aplenty for giving their skin a covetable glow while covering up uneven skin tone, scars, and even tattoos.

Westmore Beauty, Body Coverage Perfector — $49.00
  • Creamy, lightweight texture
  • Effective at concealing scars and tattoos and adding overall radiance
  • Water-resistant
  • Not everyone is looking for a shimmery concealer
  • Limited shade range
  • Difficult to remove

Now, I’m going to start by saying that I’m generally not one to cover anything up on my body. I’m me: Scars, forearm tattoo, “chicken skin,” and all. The only thing I’ve been eager to cover up in the past? Hickeys. (Remember those?) I’ve also been faced with curmudgeonly family members more than once about covering up my tattoo for weddings and other formal-ish family gatherings. And after testing this body concealer, I sure wish I had it then because it really puts in work.

If you’re used to ultra-tacky tattoo concealer or greasy, shimmery body oil (*raises hand*), the Body Coverage Perfector is refreshingly different. It comes in six shades, but I’m hoping that expands as the brand grows in popularity. My skin tone fell between Natural Radiance and Warm Radiance, so I combined the two until I found my perfect match. It has a slightly shimmery finish and a creamy texture that reminded me of the concealer I use under my eyes.

To prep for testing, I started with an almost-everything shower. I exfoliated, but opted not to shave my legs, because I wanted to see how the product would settle onto skin that’s not completely smooth. Who among us is as hairless and slippery as a baby seal all the time, anyway? Once I was dry, I picked two spots to test out the Body Coverage Perfector: my forearm tattoo and a big ‘ole scar on my knee. I followed the directions and massaged the product into both spots until they were covered, then waited 10 minutes for it to dry. I buffed off the excess, but found that both spots still needed additional coverage. One layer is perfectly suitable if your goal is to add a glow, or conceal very faint marks and uneven skin tone.

After adding a second layer to my scar, I was impressed by how well it blended into my natural skin. My tattoo took four layers to get totally covered. I let both spots dry completely and then splashed water on them and rubbed them on towels to mimic drying off after a beach or pool day. The concealer straight up did not budge. These water- and transfer-resistant qualities are huge, especially for summer activities, which lean more sweaty and wet than other seasons. That said, the makeup is difficult to remove, which is a blessing and a curse, so make sure you have some oil-based cleansers or makeup removers in your arsenal. I removed mine with my go-to oil cleanser and it swiped off with relative ease.

As much as I like this product, I wish there were matte shade options in addition to shimmery, because I only found myself reaching for Westmore Beauty’s best-selling body concealer when I had a spot or two to cover up—not my whole body. But overall, I was impressed by the efficacy of it on my scar and other flesh-toned “imperfections.” I had to go through a bit more to cover up my tattoo, but since that’s something I rarely cover up, I didn’t mind the slight hassle. Though I might not be the target market for this product, I’m quite glad I have it around now.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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