Need To Fill In Your Thinning Hairline or Part? These Hair Fibers Are a Game Changer

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About 55 percent of women experience at least some hair loss by the time they turn 70. It's a natural part of aging, and other factors such as genetics, illness, child birth, and stress can also contribute. Still, watching your hairline grow wider can be startling, and even a little bit scary. That's why trichologists—specialists who help people with hair and scalp conditions—say that hair fibers are a great way to fill out your part so your hair looks fuller and healthier.

In my opinion, the easiest way to understand hair fibers is to think of them as magic sprinkles for your part. "Hair fibers are synthetic keratin fibers that statically cling to existing hair and mimic the look of natural hair," explains trichologist and HairClub hair health expert, Shab Reslan. "They are an easy and temporary solution for gradually building a fuller and thicker-looking head of hair." One of the best things about hair fibers is that they're made to work on hair of any type, texture, or color. All you need is some hair along your scalp to help bind the fibers, explains William Yates, MD, a board-certified hair loss expert and trichologist. 

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Another thing that sets hair fibers apart is that they don't cause an ounce of damage (unlike that curling iron...). "There are no risks or problems associated with wearing fibers," says Dr. Yates. "Clients and patients are often very impressed there is a quick and instant fix to make your hair appear thicker. We tell our clients it is like putting on mascara." Reslan says that the only downside of them—and it's minor—is the fact that they can cling to your scalp. "I would advise cleansing the scalp extra diligently in the shower when washing your hair to avoid unnecessary and easily avoidable build-up," he says. "Build-up of any kind can clog your follicles and irritate your scalp over time." Now that you know your facts about hair fibers, here are a couple of brands to try next time you want to fill in your part.

2 great hair fiber brands to help you achieve a thicker, fuller part

Toppik Hair Building Fibers 75 Day (0.97 oz.) — $47.00

Toppik’s hair fibers were the first on the market and they only take 30 seconds to apply. Use a soft brush or comb to work the product into your scalp and wait for the “ta-da!” moment.

Dr. Yates MD Keratin Fiber Hair Enhancer — $40.00

This is Dr. Yates signature hair fiber product, and he says he formulated it with a specific goal in mind. As a hair loss restoration specialist, I formulated my own brand,” he says, adding that his brand offers a bit more of a sheen.



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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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