This Waste-Free “Moisturizing Stone” Turned Me Into a Twice-a-Day Lotion User

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A few weeks ago, a dermatologist filled me in on the fact that I was supposed to be moisturizing my body with lotion not once, but twice every single day. "Ha, fat chance," I thought while politely smiling and nodding along. "That is just never going to happen."

In college, I had a friend who spent nearly a half an hour of her post-shower routine "applying her creams." And I'm going to be honest: I never got it. What she considered to be the most luxurious part of her self-care routine to me seemed tedious, and honestly, just didn't make a whole lot of sense. I'd always thought of putting on lotion as one of those things like flossing your teeth or brushing your hair—you're supposed to do it regularly, but it's so unappealing that I just... don't. Not once, and most definitely not twice during a day.

So when something called a "moisturizing stone" came across my desk, I honestly didn't think very much of it. "Sure, I'll try it," I volunteered, before throwing it into my bag and forgetting about it for a better part of a week. When I finally did remember it existed (and that I was supposed to test it and write a story about it), I actually groaned out loud in annoyance at the prospect of having to use body lotion. For work. Being a beauty editor is weird, but I digress.

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Kate McLeod Daily Stone ($45)

A few things, real quick, about the moisturizing stone: It's got no water, alcohol, fillers, synthetics, or "other nasties," and is instead made with 100 percent nourishing plant ingredients. In fact, co-founder and formulator Kate Mcleod refers to the product as the "RX bar of beauty" because it only has five core ingredients in them. The stones are made with 80 percent cocoa butter, plus natural oils, are filled with vitamins A, E, and D, and are super rich in antioxidants. In addition to being full of A+ ingredients, the stones are also totally waste-free—they come in a reusable bamboo holding case (which looks chic AF on my vanity) and zero plastic. Very cool, indeed.

Anyway—I got out of the shower, freshly cleansed with my favorite Kai* Rose Body Wash ($38), and stood soaking wet in my bedroom while attempting to figure out how the heck a "lotion bar" actually works. Per the directions, I attempted to warm it onto my still-damp skin, and went to town. Despite my low expectations, I was completely blown away by the result. It coated my skin with a thin layer of product that wasn't goopy, greasy, or gross (three things I absolutely hate about my normal lotion). Within a few seconds, it melted into my skin, and actually penetrated into my pores instead of sitting on the surface in a weird white film.

What started as love at first sight with the product deepened into a real commitment as the day wore on. It smelled so good that people actually stopped me to ask what perfume I was wearing ("it's my lotion bar!" I told them excitedly), and my eye doctor actually sniffed me during an eye exam... but like, in a good way. My skin stayed hydrated for hours post-application, and even though I literally didn't need to at all (because of my aforementioned hydrated skin and all) I was so excited about the product that I actually used it a second time later that day.

Not only do I love the product and what it does to my skin, but in the days since I first tried it, the lotion bar has also become a self-care ritual that I really, really appreciate. It gives me an extra few minutes after I shower to do something good for myself, and I genuinely enjoy both the process of putting it on and what it makes me feel like afterward. TL;DR: Maybe I am a two-a-day lotion person, after all.

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