How to Shop Sephora’s VIB Sale and Solve Every Skin-Care Concern for Under $100

Getty Images/Peter Griffith
The Sephora VIB Beauty sale is upon us, which means that a selection of the world's baddest and bougiest skin-care products are on sale—and you can finally make it official with all of the cleansers, masks, and moisturizers you've been staring at in your digital cart for the better part of the year. With thousands of products to choose from, though, deciding which ones are worthy of a permanent home on your valuable shelf space can be nothing short of overwhelming.

Thankfully, the Well+Good beauty team (hi Ali! hi Rachel!) have made it our mission to test out as many of them as humanly possible, and determine which are worth spending the big (albeit discounted) bucks on—no matter what type of skin concerns you're dealing with. To make things even easier, we've put together kits to give your particular skin exactly the love it needs, all for under $100. Whether you've been breaking out like crazy, are suddenly noticing fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead or all-over dullness, or if this weather change is giving you the same freaky dryness it's been giving me, we've got you covered.

As for the logistical info, the sale will run  through Sunday, May 5, and you can expect the following discounts based on your Sephora spending status:

  • VIB Rouge (customers who spend over $1000 annually): Receive a 20 percent discount with the code HEYROUGE.
  • VIB Insiders (customers who spend over $350 annually): Receive a 15 percent discount with the code HEYVIB.
  • Beauty Insiders (all other Sephora rewards members): Receive 10 percent off with the code HEYINSIDER.

Check out our favorite products from the sale below, and get ready to say hello to an entirely new arsenal of spring and summer skin care you're almost guaranteed to love (we know we do!).

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