We’ve Gotta Know: What’s the One Skin-Care Line You’d Shop If Money Was No Object?

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If money was no object, I'd do a lot of things differently (oh, and I bet that my financial wellness would be outstanding). I'd undoubtedly own several properties, take on a jet-setting lifestyle in which I'd stay at only the most luxurious wellness hotels, get unlimited memberships at all of the boutique fitness studios, and own at least a dozen pedigree cocker spaniels.

But I can't ignore talking beauty, arguably the most exciting thing to contemplate of all if money grew on trees. Imagine a world in which—despite the heftiest of price tags—you could add any skin-care products to your beauty cabinet? That means slathering your skin with only the most high-quality ingredients, having the most coveted #shelfie of all time, and basking in the glow of your own radiant complexion. Ah, goals.

I'm not just sitting here daydreaming, though—I recently stumbled across a Twitter thread asking a very interesting question: If money was no object and you could only use one skin-care line for the rest of your life, what would it be? This takes the game to a whole other level—to me, as a beauty editor, that's like asking to pick a favorite child. After much deliberation, though, I've come up with my choice: Biologique Recherche, aka the French brand that makes the all-famous $67 P50 toner.  The funny thing is that, after asking other Well+Good staffers their picks, not all of them were uber-fancy. What would you choose?

For inspo, keep scrolling to see what W+G staffers picked as their #1 skin-care brand they'd stick with if money didn't matter.

Indie Lee

She's an angel, her products are simple and perfect, and I'll love her forever. —Ella Dove, video producer and strategist


All of their products are consistently so good, especially their moisturizers (all hail Moisture Surge ($39)!). And they work without being too intense for my sensitive skin. —Jessie Van Amburg, senior food and health editor

Renee Rouleau

If money were of no object I’d stock up on an endless supply of Renee Rouleau skin care. The obsession first started when I tried the Anti Bump Solution ($48) which is the most truly magical product I’ve ever put on my face. It handles literally every single type of bump that could appear on your body—hormonal acne, boils, mystery zits, deep blackheads. I would want to be embalmed and buried in her products. —Tamim Alnuweiri, assistant style editor

Tata Harper

A friend of mine once defined heaven as swimming in an ocean of Tata Harper products, and I think she may be right. These products are so luxurious, but top-notch and filled with some of the best ingredients. I mean, they source from Tata's own farm in Vermont. Surely, I’d want my skin to feel like heaven for the rest of my life. —Kristina Samulewski, executive assistant

L:A Bruket

Swedish brand L:A Bruket has everything my skin needs, especially this time of year when it is dry and needs a whole lot of love to keep from flaking off of my face (gross visual? Sorry). The line uses all natural, nourishing ingredients that I've never seen anywhere else, like broccoli seed, fennel seed, and cotton seed. I also can't get enough of the almond/coconut lip balm ($15), which is the only thing that keeps my lips hydrated in the winter months. —Zoe Weiner, associate beauty and fitness editor

Marie Veronique

This brand is literally all I use now, and I live in fear of her discontinuing any of the products in my medicine cabinet.  —Erin Magner, contributing editor

Biologique Recherche

I'd buy up everything from this decadent French brand that makes the all-famous P50 toner ($67) that I've used religiously for years now. Everything they make smells like rotten trash, but also makes my skin look out-of-this-world glowy and I want everything from their Placenta serum ($68) to their La Grande Crème ($675) so I can be young forever. —Rachel Lapidos, associate beauty and fitness editor

Saje Natural Wellness

Mine would be Saje. All of their products make my skin so glowy that I don't even really need makeup, and the essential oil blends double as perfume. Seriously, write me a check and I would go crazy in the Saje store. —Emily Laurence, senior food and health writer

Simple Skincare

Literally the only skin-care line that's ever worked for my ridiculously sensitive skin is Simple. It's never irritated my skin in any way and hasn't caused a single breakout—two things I've dealt with nearly every time I've splurged on pricier products. —Tehrene Firman, contributor


After I tried the brand's C E Ferulic Serum ($166), my skin was hooked. If I could, I'd buy everything from SkinCeuticals so that I could have a radiant complexion literally every day of my life. —Jenna Gibson, design director


I'd go with Kypris—the products are exceedingly gentle while brightening, clearing, and doing all of the other things you want your products to do. The mineral sunscreen—Pot O Shade: Heliotropic ($68)—while splurgey, is particularly great: a coconut-infused cream that imparts a glow better than all the highlighters shining up Instagram. —Annie Tomlin, contributing editor

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