4 Sporty Netflix Picks to Fill You With Olympic Spirit

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The Olympics are so fleeting; not only do they last a mere couple of weeks (the last day is February 25!), but each summer and winter edition comes around just once every four years. So, to get you into the right spirit (in case this Beyoncé-inspired figure-skating performance didn't) and help you make the most of the Olympic season, here are athletically aligned TV shows and movies on Netflix that will have you cheering, jeering, and sweating in your seat with the fervor of Leslie Jones.

In true Olympian style, put on your comfiest robe (and maybe your hygge-est underwear), slap on a face mask, and get your Netflix on.

See the sporty TV guide below.

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Based on a very real (albeit surreal) moment in entertainment history, GLOW is the Alison Brie–starring TV show about a women's professional-wrestling program from the 1980s. Come for '80s athleisure inspiration, and stay for the female-centric (Bechdel-approved!) plot.

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2. The Endless Summer

This documentary follows a group of surfers as they chase the summer—literally. The athletes travel from place to place seeking warm oceans and surfable waves.

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3. 42

Jackie Robinson is one of the most important athletes in the history of sports. Not only was he was an astounding athlete, but he was also the first black baseball player to play in the at-the-time segregated Major League Baseball. 42 follows Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers after his historic move into the MLB.

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4. Cool Runnings

In 1988, Jamaica's national bobsleigh team made its Olympic debut in Canada. Although this movie is not a totally accurate interpretation of the IRL incident, it's a classic tale about being a fish out of water and the importance of perseverance.

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