*This* Is What Wellness Pros Pack to Turn Their Hotel Rooms Into Self-Care Sanctuaries

From coconut oil to ACV, add some of these healthy items next time you travel.  

As self care becomes more essential, so does the need to create surroundings that are conducive to that endeavor. At home, that could mean turmeric lattes, essential oil diffusers, and Himalayan salt lamps. But what about on the road?

To figure out how to turn temporary abodes, like hotel rooms and rentals, into Zen dens where you can de-stress, get ample amounts of sleep, and overall, create a high-vibe environment, I asked 11 wellness pros to share their secrets.

Here are their best tips, tricks, and must-haves that'll help you banish stress, aid digestion, soften the jet-lag blow, and generally feel happier and healthier.

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A meditation book and tea

"I can always find hot water to make my favorite tea in my own thermos," says David Perrin, executive director of education at New York City's next-gen meditation studio MNDFL. "Also, I bring a meditation or dharma book with me. Not an e-book—but an actual book—because I like to know that it's in my bag, and I can take it out to read or even just hold in order to remember the sanity and wisdom inside."

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Hygge body oils and tinctures

Natural beauty expert Jessa Blades is never without her Tridoshic body oil. "I warm it up by placing the bottle in a mug of hot water, then I sit on a towel and massage myself with the oil after a bath to ground my nervous system after flying," she says. "I also bring a sleep-tight tincture (with valerian and skullcap) to help me fall and stay asleep without feeling groggy."

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Coconut oil and ACV

"I bring Dr. Bronner's Coconut Oil as my nightly moisturizer and always have Bragg's Apple Cidar Vinegar in a 3 oz. travel bottle," says Sara Vaccariello, owner of NYC's Avalon Acupuncture. "The ACV really helps maintain a healthy gut, especially when traveling!"

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Coconut water and fresh fruit

Yogi boss babe Laura Kasperzak, founder of Laura Sykora Yoga, has three items in her hotel room at all times so that she stays hydrated, satiated, and pain-free. "I love to have plenty of coconut water, fresh fruit, and China Gel!" she says.

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Turmeric and tissue salts

Fred DeVito, an executive vice president at Exhale Spahas a checklist of essential healthy, hotel room items he swears by: "I bring organic juice to store in the minibar, homeopathic tissue salts (AKA cell salts containing minerals found in rocks and soil), which boost your immune system and give you energy, as well as turmeric capsules, and powdered vitamin C."

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Gut-friendly supplements

"I always pack my probiotics," says Jules Hunt of Om & the City and co-founder of the high-vibe social space Awake. "Lovebug is my favorite brand because it's room-temp stabilized and doesn't need to be refrigerated. I have a very sensitive stomach, so I do my best to also continue eating foods that I know my body loves."

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Chlorella tablets and coconut cream

Makeup artist and founder of RMS Beauty Rose-Marie Swift makes sure she can detoxify and cleanse inside and out. "I always have bottled water, chlorella tablets, which clean and detox the body, as well as pull heavy metals from the system, and my RMS Raw Coconut Cream to remove my makeup," she says.

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A stocked snack kit

"A snack pack for me (and my husband) as we tend to get hangry quite fast," says Eliza Savage, a registered dietician at Middleberg Nutrition. "I stock up on my favorite bars—RX and 88 Acres—plus Pulse roasted chickpeas, Justin's nut butter packets, and fresh fruit. My S'well water bottle also is key for getting in my daily two to three liters of water without having to hit up the minibar for a $10 bottle."

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Ayurvedic herbal drinks

Nicholas Giacomini, AKA MC Yogi, recommends the Ayurvedic herb tulsi. "I travel with Organic India Tulsi Tea. [It's] an Ayurvedic herb that naturally uplifts mood, aids in digestion, and boosts your natural immune system," he says. "My favorite flavors are sweet rose and lemon ginger."

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A customized sleep kit

"I always bring the Naturopathica Passionflower Sleep Tincture, ear plugs, a sleep mask, and comfy sleep wear," says Barbara Close, founder and CEO of Naturopathica. "Quality sleep is like a religious experience for me."

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All of the greens

Celebrity (and all-natural) facialist to the stars (Julianne Moore, Sofia Coppola just to name a few) Joanna Vargas says a pre-checkin health food shop is non-negotiable. "I always bring a a few green juices with me and stop to get salad and kale chips so that I have healthy snacks on hand," she says.

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