What Successful Boss Babes Keep at Their Desks to Boost Productivity

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I spend more time at my desk than I do anywhere else (insert sad-face emoji for my declining vitamin D levels and oft-forgotten legs). Perhaps that's why I've somehow managed to cover it with so many (slightly) woo-woo items that it looks like I'm prepping for the apocalypse.

Daily gazing at and questioning of my over-the-top setup—complete with succulents and supplements, crystals and candles, CBD honey and magnesium gummies, and much more—got me thinking about enlightenment, and whether I might attain it if my creative space were less cluttered and more curated. What do the #bossbabes that inspire me and my work keep in and around their workspace, I wondered? Here, find the most intriguing items found on the desks of some of my favorite wellness superstars.

Scroll down if you want to stock your work space like a wellness pro.

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Kelsey Patel, empowerment coach + Reiki master

Rising Springs water

If you haven’t heard of this water yet, it’s a hydration game changer.

I am Loved candle

It’s like an hourglass for me—a reminder not to work so much that my candle burns to the bottom. Plus, the aroma of this candle is fresh, light, and makes my mind stay very calm and open while working.

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Sophia Gushée, clean living and healthy-home guru


Some think this may protect your body from laptop radiation—I always keep it under mine.

Himalayan salt lamp

Not only does this relax me, but it may help protect my body from the many positive ions that get released from technology by possibly releasing negative ions.

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Vanessa Packer, founder of modelFIT

Kalumi collagen bars

These bars help keep me satiated when I'm too busy for lunch or I need a snack mid-day. The lemon is my favorite.

MCT oil

I put this in my coffee everyday! It helps me focus, and the healthy fats help the caffeine to metabolize in my body over a longer period of time so I don't have a spike and crash.

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen powder

I really love collagen. I like the single servings of this powder so I can sprinkle it in my coffee.

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McKel Hill, founder of Nutrition Stripped 

Productivity Planner

I work on a million things, and it helps to have prioritization—this planner is my productivity hack!

Post-it notes, NS Mantra Cards, and NS Ideas To Manifest notepad

As much as I love using online systems, there's nothing better than using a pen and paper to jot ideas down.

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Lila Darville, sex and intimacy coach


I always have orgonite close by to neutralize EMFs whilst clearing and strengthening the energetic field.

Jade Egg

I use my jade egg while I work to feel energized and focused.

Ergo Baby Carrier

I'm often working while I have my baby so I use the Ergo baby carrier to keep my hands free.

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Katerina Schneider, founder of Ritual

Nuficera The Balm

This was created by Meredith Baird, who is also a plant-based chef, so the attention to the quality of ingredients is incredible—everything from mango butter to sandalwood.

Ritual vitamins, Essential for Women

This is obvious, but keeping it on my desk helps me remember to take it every day.

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Whitney Tingle, co-founder of Sakara Life

Sakara Detox water concentrate

I add it to my water everyday for a cleansing boost, thanks to chlorophyll and magnesium.

EO organic hand sanitizer in French lavender

Hopping from business lunches to meetings with potential investors to running all over the city, you need clean hands to fend off colds and the flu. (I also take my daily probiotic to keep my immune system strong.) This lavender-scented, all-natural brand gets rid of germs but doesn't contain chemicals that can disrupt the microbiome.

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Danielle DuBoise, co-founder of Sakara Life

Rising Springs water

This is heaven! It contains a lot of essential trace minerals, which give it a delicious taste.

Sakara Beauty chocolates

One a day, everyday. These contain patented phytoceramides that are clinically proven to improve skin look and texture in two weeks. I notice a big difference when I keep up on them—my skin looks younger and plumper.

True Botanicals nutrient mist

I keep this on my desk for a midday freshen-up. It smells like a bed of flowers and gives my skin a dewy look.

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Samantha Wasser, co-founder and creative director of BY CHLOE

Essentia Water

I like the alkaline balance of this water, so it’s my go-to. There is always a bottle on my desk.

Vitamins + Herbs

I have a mix of different vitamins and herbs that I take throughout the day, prescribed to me by Dr. Richard Firshein and Dr. Frank Lipman. I wish I had a better way to display them and keep them organized, but they are definitely a constant on my desk every day.

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Emilie Hoyt, founder of LATHER

Light therapy energy lamp 

We all miss the sun, even in California when it’s cloudy. This light therapy device always comes in handy on my desk to make sure that whatever is happening outside doesn't affect my productivity levels.

LATHER Bulgarian rose phytonutrient elixir

I spray this on my face throughout the day to stay fresh, hydrated, and glowing. I also love the aromatherapy of the Bulgarian roses.

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Michelle Ranavat, founder of Ranavat Botanics 

Biena chickpea snacks

These are high in protein and have the perfect amount of crunch—they're a great alternative to chips (which is what I really would be eating!). Ranch is my favorite.

Jasmine Hydrating Tonique

In LA, running around between meetings, school pickups and errands can be exhausting–not to mention hot. I love having my Jasmine Tonique at arm’s length for a little spray to freshen up between meetings and calls. It is the perfect mid-day pick me up.

Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy

It may sound nerdy, but I’m currently reading a book about the power of hydrosols. I had no idea there were so many incredible uses, from drinking the tonics to cooking with them and using them in skincare.

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Dana James, founder of Food Coach NYC


I keep a rose quartz for amplification and a black tourmaline for grounding energy.

An energetic neutralizer

I also have a small jeweled elephant with an energetic neutralizer inside it—it's for creativity and protection.

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